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The Youview Box Revealed

The Youview Box is another streaming device that's similar to the Boxee, Veebeam, and Roku Player. These streaming TV boxes are excellent alternatives to higher cost Smart TVs for anyone that's interested in the benefits of Smart TV functionality.

They're much cheaper, simple to install and operate, and choosing one to get your Smart content means you avoid the need for spending time working out which Smart TV is going to suit you best, and whether you can afford the luxury. That said, before you dive headlong into buying an internet TV box, it's still worth looking through a handful of Smart TV reviews to see what the big differences in content delivery are.

The Youview Box isn't yet released, and amazingly it's been in planning since 2009. It's now expected to release just in time for the Olympic Games this year. When it does hit the stores it promises to deliver a premium solution for viewing the full range of Smart services using your existing Internet connection. This solution will include the ability to download an almost unlimited amount of TV shows and movies, and connect to gaming, social networking, and information/entertainment destinations.

Basically Youview promises an alternative version of cable TV by utilising your Internet connection and secure P2P networks to get all the latest content legally. It's intended to work in a way that allows network broadcasters to get in on the Smart TV revolution, creating a new type of link between linear and on demand TV programming.

Youview have laid out a number of ambitious goals which they intend to achieve by forming partnerships. They've reportedly already partnered with a number of the major entertainment networks in the UK - including the BBC, BT, Channel 4, arquiva, TalkTalk, Channel 5 and ITV.

What Will Youview Give You?

If the Youview vision is realised in the way it's been planned, the Youview Box could end up being a high quality, all-encompassing solution. An all-in-one box device that lets you control every form of entertainment that you want to watch on your large TV. Some of the beneficial features of the service may be:

Catch-up TV - Never miss a show. Even watch shows that took place up to a week ago.

High Definition - Highest quality entertainment available.

Personal video recorder - pause, rewind and record live TV. For customers in the UK, they will also not be required to pay a TV contract. They will simply access all the basic channels on the Youview using their broadband connection. Additional services such as movies, sports and US shows can also be purchased.

What Are The Current Alternatives To Youview?

Because Youview is still in development, you might want to take a look at the Roku Player or the Boxee. Both of these provide similar services at a very affordable price.

You should make sure that your Internet connection is capable of handling the increased bandwidth though. Because these services use broadband to access P2P networks, there will be a high amount of up and down traffic. If your Internet Service Provider limits your bandwidth, this may not be a good option. You should always take the highest available package for data transfer when you select a service such as the Youview Box.

Youview Pricing

It's believed that the Youview Box will likely be a similar price to the other products on the market - so for anywhere between $100-$200 for the base unit with a couple of controllers and a remote. This should give access to the network, movies, TV shows and some gaming platforms as well.


The Youview will be one of the first of the internet box type devices that will allow modification and development of user-created applications. It promises to provide a platform where tech-savvy users can create any number of applications that make life a lot more convenient for the users.

Expect to see such features that let you transfer data between your various devices, plugins that allow you to watch TV in your car through a 3G network and many more.

Additionally, Youview has published openly their core technical specification. This means they are completely open to the possibility of other devices connecting to their network. They will be open to any content provider as well.

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