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How Does Yahoo Connected TV Work?

Yahoo Connected TV operates by using a Yahoo Widgets platform. Widgets are Yahoo’s version of apps, and Yahoo's versions are exclusive to the Yahoo Connected TV system.

As part of the widget developer platform, you can access more than 120 Smart TV apps with more introduced to the market on a daily basis. Some of the television models that come equipped with Yahoo Connected TV technology sit in the ranges of such Smart TV manufacturers as LG, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, and VIZIO. Yahoo say that you'll now find Connected TV on over 70 different models of Smart TVs.

Why Would I Want Yahoo Connected T?

Yahoo's service turns your basic television into a state of the art multimedia system, allowing you to use your Smart TV with one of the internet's premier search engines.

You’ll be able to access On Demand, where you get your choice of more than 50,000 movies and television shows. No more dusty stacks of DVDs or returning late movies to the rental store!

And while you are watching television you can browse the Internet for additional sources of media content. The capabilities in video that Yahoo brings into your living room are exceptional.

Watching a commercial for the latest kitchen appliance? Bring up the company’s web page while you finish screening the commercial to find out more information. Go shopping, play multimedia games with friends from a thousand miles away, and read books--all while using your TV set.

With Yahoo Connected TV, you’ll have every excuse to upgrade your current television set to the biggest and brightest on the market! However, you can also save your money by purchasing one of the least expensive models available, some as cheap as $299, and still be able to use Yahoo Connected TV thanks to the wide range of TVs that it works with.

Where Is Yahoo Connected TV Going?

As the widget developer, Yahoo Connected TV has full control of this market. Starting in Fall 2011, their online store began widget distribution to television systems in millions of homes, and the video Yahoo provides worldwide puts the company in the mainstream of success.

More Info On Yahoo Connected TV

The official Yahoo Connected TV website is of course the first place you'll want to look for more info. It's well designed, easy to use, and looks very similar to Yahoo's other branded sites. The newsletter is a useful source of more information.

However, if you want an unbiased view then it's worth taking a look at this Yahoo Connected TV review published by SearchEngineWatch.com. Reviews are not always great places to get extra info, but this one stands out among the best.

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What Is Yahoo Connected TV All About?

Nowadays everyone is jumping on the Smart TV bandwagon, and Yahoo are no exception with their Yahoo Connected TV platform. As with other Smart TV platforms, you can use Yahoo's service to transform your existing basic home entertainment devices into a multimedia rich home entertainment system. Never again will you need to have a mountain of gadgets within reach in order to access media and Internet technology.

While you are at home, you can leave your cumbersome laptop, smartphone, and mp3 player to one side. You’ll be the envy of all of your friends as you sit in front of your television and search the Internet, download work files, view photos from your last vacation, and even play video games with people on the other side of the world.