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Veebeam Smart Wireless Streamer - Reviews & Deals

The Veebeam - Yet Another Smart TV Alternative

The Veebeam is another internet box device like the Boxee or the Roku Player, which connect your TV to your Internet connection using wireless technology. For anyone interested in Smart TV technology, they're great alternatives to fully fledged Smart TVs from a cost perspective. Choosing to use one to get Smart TV content will avoid the need to wade through dozens of Smart TV reviews too.

The Veebeam operates slightly differently from other devices in that it connects to your laptop or PC wirelessly, and from there streams content to your PC. You get access to a huge amount of content using your Internet connection. Completely legal P2P networks become available for streaming content onto your television in full high definition. The Veebeam box connects your home computer - PC or laptop - to your TV to give you access to endless options from the comfort of your entertainment center.

If you can play it on your PC, Veebeam can send it to your HDTV and share it with your family and friends. Priced from just $99, the affordable Veebeam box is compact, easy to set up, and even easier to use.

It basically lets you combine the amazing video and audio performance of your current HD TV with the never-ending entertainment options available on your existing laptop.

The Veebeam is similar in many other aspects to the Boxee, Roku Player or Youview Box - both in what it can do  and the pricing ranges.

What Does The Veebeam Give You?

Sharing & Streaming Options

Share all of your digital media content with friends and family. Just about anything that can be streamed to your PD, laptop, or notebook can also be streamed to your home TV. All content is watchable in full 1080p video. Photo sharing and video sharing is a doddle.

Smart TV Gaming

The Veebeam will allow you to connect to the gaming network that you use. If you are using Steam, Onlive or any of the other networks, then you will be able to connect through and play your games. Because of these technologies, cloud gaming is becoming increasingly popular. With the Veebeam deployed as your streaming device, you can connect up and play with friends in multiplayer games just the same as you can on the best games consoles.

TV Betting

Reality shows such as The X Factor and Americaís Got Talent are becoming increasingly popular. As are shows where the audience (both in studio and over the telephone) must vote on whether someone stays in the group or not. The voting can be done over the Internet, and because of this your Veebeam and Youview box will allow you to do all this at the click of a button on your TV using the remote. Betting on sports is also possible with internet TV box devices, with all of the major sports betting offices being hooked up.

How Does A Veebeam Work?

For such a versatile and clever device, set up and operation is easy.  When you want to stream a movie or show you just plug the USB antenna into your laptop and stream any content you want directly to your TV. Itís that simple.

Behind the simplicity is some clever technology of course. The Veebeam uses advanced technology known as Wireless USB.  This works to create a secure point-to-point connection between your PC or laptop and your TV. It's similar to Wi-Fi but WUSB is more powerful because it offers more bandwidth, better security and less interference over short distances.

To maintain a high-speed WUSB connection, the TV and laptop need to be in the same room

How Much Does A Veebeam Cost?

At just £99 in the UK and $99 in the US, you can get hold of a Veebeam at a fraction of the cost of a Smart TV and quickly start using the Smart features. There's a one time cost for the unit that allows you access to networks; but there is no monthly fee.

More Veebeam Info

The official Veebeam website is attractive and well laid out. You can find planty more information on the Veebeam Player there, including reviews, how it works, and support details.

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