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The Rise And Rise Of TV Everywhere

TV Everywhere is a phrase that you may have heard of. If you haven't you will soon. TVE was started in 2009 by Comcast and Time Warner Inc. as a verification system for television service providers to verify those who wish to use their internet television and iptv video services as actual paying customers of cable television or satellite companies.

In early 2011 the two cable giants set up an agreement with Samsung to get their TV Everywhere service acessible to consumers via Samsung Smart TVs. That gave TV Everywhere the power to work in combination with the abilities of smart TVs to extend the services of cable companies into more homes.

Other firms are taking an interest too. In Europe, Deutsche Telekom has formed a partnership with MobiTV to set up a similar service. They intend to make their IPTV platform - known as Entertain - available on multiple devices in addition to the standard TV set in future. The solution gets DT Customers the chance to watch real-time TV, their own recordings and video-on-demand (VOD) content wherever they want to.

How does it work? Basically, websites offer TV content online with access limited to paying satellite, iptv or cable subscribers. This technology is free to cable and satellite subscribers. Content can be accessed now by logging in (authenticating) to participating channels websites. Have your cable or satellite bill handy to access your account ID number. This validates the fact that you are a paid subscriber and allows free access to site's television programming.

The benefits of TV Everywhere are many. It allows users to watch free television films and shows on desktops, laptops, ipads, iphones, androids and blackberrys or any other internet ready device. Missed your favorite program last night? Catch it on TV Everywhere at your convenience. Watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it. Watch multiple episodes of your favorite programs or your favorite films on your online ready device. Clearly all of this enhances the social TV experience too.

Where can you get it? 80 percent of North Americans and 40 percent of Europeans can already access some form of TV Everywhere. Over 40 participating networks are onboard including Turner's networks, Time Warner's HBO, TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network and TrueTV. Also HBO Go, ABC, CBS, NBC, Disney, FOX, USA, The Weather Channel and TLC just to name a few.

More networks are coming onboard daily and all the major sports leagues are preparing for future television rights contracts to include this new wave of media technology. Companies like Adobe and Synacor have found ways to cash in on this new tech by offering TV Everywhere friendly hardware. These companies and corporations are not changing the way viewers watch television. The viewers are changing the way these companies and corporations do business as they try to tailor their services to an increasingly mobile population.

The television set itself in the traditional sense of the term is truly an endangered species of late as fewer and fewer people use it for the purpose of viewing media. People are on the go like never before and the traditional living room TV space is becoming a lesser used space for that purpose. People are now watching TV in their vehicles, on buses, in planes, on trains, in airports and anywhere else a person can carry an internet ready device and has the time to watch it.

The future looks bright indeed for TV Everywhere and it looks like it is here to stay. A very necessary technology for the mobile masses.

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