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Streaming TV - The Future of Television?

Ever since the advent of broadband internet made high quality live streaming a real possibility, the potential for TV broadcasters to move into the area of internet television has been endless. Nowadays, there are several companies offering high definition streaming TV services and instant downloads of all your favourite TV programmes and movies, playable on your computer, television, games console or mobile device.

Services like Netflix and Picturebox require a monthly subscription that then allows users to choose from a great variety of streaming movies and television shows, while services like Hulu, Acetrax, Vudu and Blinbox provide movies  to rent just as you would from a DVD rental store. The difference is they are available instantaneously, and are then available for you to watch as many times as you like in at least one twenty four hour period. Hulu, meanwhile, is an American broadcasting service where you can watch hundreds of back episodes of current and classic shows for free.

Watch television on your laptop, mobile or games console with streaming TV.

These streaming TV services really do mean that television is liberated from your actual living room TV set. Not only can you watch what you want to watch when you want to watch, without having to rely on TV schedules, but you can watch it wherever you go.

Most of these services allow you to watch their content on various different devices - itís best to check compatibility, however, as each service is only compatible with certain devices. Vudu doesnít support the Wii, for example, and Netflix doesnít currently support all mobile platforms.

Now that such a huge variety of content is available online for either a very minimal free or completely free, it is clear that streaming TV is becoming a very real challenge for traditional broadcasting companies and certainly for the DVD rental industry. Why would you pay for cable or satellite television, if all the current shows and your favourite classics are all available at the touch of a button, and in high definition too, on the internet?

And why would you go to the DVD rental store when instantaneous downloads of all your favourite movies are available on Acetrax, Netflix and Vudu?

High definition movies and quality television programming streamed live to your desktop.

As this technology gathers pace, it will soon be available for every home and mobile internet device. There are already plans for Hulu to become available for the Wii, while Picturebox is already available through several TV providers.

There is no doubt that internet based streaming TV will eventually begin to replace television as we know it, and who knows what technological heights super-fast broadband could take us to? Perhaps one day it will be possible to stream live movies just as they come out in theatres to your own home cinema system.

We live in an exciting age for home entertainment, thereís no doubt about it. You only have to take a look at recent Smart or 3D TV developments to see how far the technology has advanced.

So take advantage of these new developments and stream some high quality programming to your desktop today. You may never need to look at another TV schedule again.

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