Sony's New Smart TV: A Smart Idea

With cutting edge technology, Sony’s New Smart TV is poised to dominate the interactive HDTV market. Sony made its mark decades ago with high-quality media hardware. The company has always set the bar high, and the Smart TV has moved it higher; this is a TV truly made for the Internet Age.

Designed for durability, the screen is made of Corning Gorilla Glass. It is tough enough to withstand the bumps and bangs that come with any TV use. The design is also slim and lightweight, allowing placement of the Smart TV virtually anywhere.

The third dimension is not ignored. When paired with the Active Shutter Glasses (sold separately), the Smart TV delivers a 3D viewing experience like no other. The glasses need only a three-minute charge for three hours of TV watching, they are lighter than previous models, and now designed to fit over most prescription eyewear.

Sony has also paired with Google to bring over 1000 Android Apps directly to the Smart TV. This allows customization like never before, making the viewing experience as unique as possible.

Media was Sony’s benchmark, and the Smart TV is no slacker. Integrated Wi-Fi and DLNA allow streaming of media and photos anywhere to or from a home network or the Internet. The Smart TV is also Skype-ready, allowing conversations in HD with anyone connected to Skype. Just add on the available Skype camera and microphone combo.

The Smart TV provides excellent 5.1 sound as well. 3D sound and SoundBoost allow the view to customize the sound to the smallest detail. Standard output jacks mean the sound can be sent out through a home theater system as well, and the available headphone jack allows for private viewing without disturbing the rest of the house.

Most TV web browsers are unable to view Flash-based video, but Sony has added that feature. A fully functional web browser opens a whole new world of entertainment possibilities. Enjoy networking with friends right from the Smart TV.

Size matters. The Smart TV is one of the largest in the Sony line. The screen is currently at 55”, with 65” soon to come. This is more than enough viewing real estate to watch anything and be blown away.

All that and the Smart TV is also Energy Star compliant. Energy saving features such as a Backlight Off Mode, Dynamic Backlighting and an energy-saving switch allow the TV to run without a shocking electric bill.

The Smart TV is ready to deliver a 3D HD punch that will knock out the competition. With integrated Internet, the world of entertainment is at the viewer’s fingertips. Other companies may try, but they will have to go a long way to fill Sony’s shoes.

Sony Smart TV Models

EX523   KDL-32EX523/32 Inch        KDL-40EX523/40 inch        KDL-46EX523/46 inch

EX620   KDL-46EX620/46 inch        KDL-55EX620/55 inch

EX720   KDL-40EX720/40 inch        KDL-46EX720/46 inch        KDL-55EX720/55 inch    KDL-60EX720/60 inch

NSX46   NSX-32GTI/32 inch            NSX-40GTI/40 inch           NSX-46GTI/46 inch

NX720   NX720 -     46 inch                             55 inch                          60 inch

HX729   46 inch     55 inch    65 inch

HX820    46 inch    55 inch

HX929    46 inch   55 inch    65 inch

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