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The Sony Entertainment Network

The Sony Entertainment Network is made up three quite distinct sections; Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited and the Playstation Network.

Music Unlimited is an online service that allows users to stream hundreds of hours of music with no ads or skips, which can be used on various devices throughout the home including computers, tablets, mobile devices, the Sony Playstation games console, or even a Playstation 3D TV.

Video Unlimited, meanwhile, is a streaming movie service with movies from every major studio, which again can be used on various devices throughout the home and on-the-go. The Playstation Network is also part of the Sony Entertainment Network and allows users to connect with other gamers and to download games straight to their console.

On demand content anywhere you go with the Sony Entertainment Network

While these are subscription services, the hours of entertainment they provide are well worth it. With the Premium Music Unlimited service, you can even upload your own music to be played along with the streaming music, and select any full-length track from their database to be played at any time. This means, basically, access to a music library of some of the best contemporary and classic music around, and this comes streaming straight to your television or mobile phone.

The Video Unlimited network, meanwhile, allows you to watch the latest Hollywood movies wherever you go - on your way to work, perhaps, or on your lunch break. There is no need to worry about returning DVDs to the store or having to send them back in the post. The process is, quite simply, instantaneous. Sony also have partnerships with Lovefilm and BBC Iplayer, so a wide variety of programming is available.

With the Sony Playstation Network, there is no longer any need to go to a store to purchase or rent a new game. It can now be downloaded instantaneously, along with access to millions of other gamers to play along with virtually. This is not just an online game store, but a real virtual community of gamers.

A virtual library of thousands of hours of entertainment at your fingertips!

These days, on demand content is shaping up to be the future of home entertainment. The Sony Entertainment Network is one of the first services to combine all three areas - music, movies and gaming - and will no doubt be one of the most successful due to this. Every web-enabled device in your home can now be used for various different purposes, so why use it for only one?

The television is for viewing web pages and playing games, your mobile phone is for listening to music and watching films - we really have entered a brave new age in home entertainment, and Sony are one of the first to fully explore its possibilities, especially the possibility of having a virtual library of entertainment in the cloud.

In the future, they will be expanding its compatibility with other devices, so watch this space - the Sony Entertainment Network is due to make a real splash in the media industry.

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