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Smart TV Technology - Introduction

One of the latest and most promising additions to our entertainment super-highway is in Smart TV Technology. For the uninitiated, Smart TV is the latest device that benefits from plugging into our home internet network. In a way, Smart Tvs are living-room sized smartphones, with the same capacity to stream video, launch apps and run browsers straight from the screen.

What does Smart TV Technology give you?

When you get your sparkling new smart TV home, the first thing youíll need to do is hook it up to your internet router or hub. Most Smart TV manufacturers recommend connection via Ethernet cable directly into the back of your TV but newer models will also allow you to connect wirelessly if your router is too far away.

Smart TV Technology is all about apps. Smart TV apps are applications which appear as icons on screen. Basically they're the software that gives you access to internet destinations via the Smart TV screen.

Youíll find most smart TVís come pre-loaded with the most common apps. Others may be downloadable from App stores accessed via the Smart portal of the TV. Apps normally include YouYube, Facebook and Flickr as standard, though they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and there are many options besides. Read up on Smart TV portals to see who gives the best ranges and get more info.

The most up-to-date smart TVís offer a full internet browser interface, meaning that you can access any web content beyond the confines of the apps library.

What You Need To Make a Smart TV Work

It may sound obvious, but youíll need an internet connection to enjoy the benefits of smart TV technology. Be aware that very slow broadband speeds will make your smart TV sluggish, so ensure youíre getting at least 3Mbps. As a rule, the average is 8Mbsp in most urban areas meaning the majority of households should have no difficulties.

Also be aware that some broadband providers have monthly download limits in some of their packages. If your household already uses a lot of internet it may be worthwhile checking you have a big enough download limit before you start streaming all those lovely movies to your new smart TV!

Choosing The Right Smart TV

Hereís where the fun starts! Smart TV technology comes in a host of formats from many different household brands. You'll want to have sifted through a number of Smart TV reviews to get an idea of differences in capability between models.

Youíll have the choice between different screen types, including LCD, LED, Plasma, and OLED. There are even 3D TVs available that support the newest crop of 3D films and TV programming. Youíll need to be clear about what you actually want, and how much you want to pay.

Wading through the brand minefield of Smart TVís is no easy task. All the major players, including LG, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and Toshiba are all vying for your attention.

Brands such as Panasonic and Samsung have comprehensive app stores and handy extras such as Samsungís option to plug in a keyboard via a USB port. Almost all these main players struggle with a good quality browser interface, so donít buy a Smart TV just for surfing the internet in the way you're used to with a laptop or desktop PC!

Think carefully about the size of your living room before you make a buying decision in-store. The enormous 52Ē+ screen may look super-sexy in the showroom, but do you really have enough space to enjoy itís huge presence in your suburban home?

The choice between screen types will again depend on budget, size and durability. Smart TV technology is a fantastic leap forward in home entertainment; make sure you do some research before investing in your latest bit of kit. You'll find a wealth of information here o0n SmartTV101.com that'll help you make informed choices.

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