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You're probably here because either you've decided that the time is right to take the plunge and buy a Smart TV, or because you've read the growing number of articles on Smart TVs and are keen to understand what all the fuss is about. Either way, the ideal place to begin getting more information is to read through some smart TV reviews at different websites to get an idea of how different makes and models are rated, and to begin to appreciate the differences between them. With a wide range of different technology and gadget sites available on the internet, it's very easy to locate and read valuable, information-rich reviews for Smart TVs.

If you want to get a better understanding of how smart TV works, who the different Smart TV manufacturers are, or the full background to Smart TV in general, there is a wealth of info here on SmartTV101.com which will help.

But before you do begin a search for specific sites delivering Smart TV reviews within their pages, it'll be a great idea to try and understand how websites that do provide reviews of Smart TV models work.

You'll find many online review pages that approach Smart TVs from different angles. Some will attempt to review from a perspective of a Smart TV comparison exercise, trading off the features and cost of one TV manufacturers set against another. Many will list individual models and write up reviews of each model separately. Others will use real buyer feedback to form the content of their reviews. These real buyer Smart TV reviews do tend to contain more trustworthy and useful information, though you'll probably find a higher number of more technically detailed reviews of new Smart TVs on technology and gadget websites.

One thing's for sure, if you know where to look you can easily find info on pretty much every model of Smart TV and you'll have no problem finding one that covers any make or model that you're interested in.

There are many websites that exist to make money, and one of the ways they do this is by advertising. In a small number of cases this advertising income is realised by manufacturers or stores paying a fee directly to the site owners to be listed on their site, and in other cases the financial return comes from direct sales of products (Amazon for example). Equally in a lot of cases it's achieved by the website owners getting a return when you click on ads on the page.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this, of course, and it's not difficult to identify many sites which are able to strike a strong balance between the information they provide and their business intentions.

On this page of SmartTV101.com I've formed a list of the varying types of websites where you're going to find the most valuable Smart TV reviews. As you read through though, please do remember that they're not always impartial. The key to identifying the most valuable review pages is to find those that get the best balance between the info they provide and their own business intentions. In fact, it's the same as all advertising. Don't believe everything you read, and do your research thoroughly to minimise the risk of making a mistake.

Electronics Shopping Sites

This is a huge category, and the sites within it fall under the category of direct product marketing. They exist to sell products to the buying public. There are literally dozens of well known, big brand electronic store shopping sites which sell Smart TVs and carry Smart TV reviews to help shoppers choose between items.

The reviews sections of these sites give good added value to visitors and encourage them either to stay on the sites for more shopping, or to bookmark and return for any future buying decisions they might need to make.

Listing sites here does get complicated because many of these online electronics stores are country specific, although some do have a presence in multiple regions. For that reason  I'm going to break down stores into countries. Just click on your country flag on the right for a list of online stores that give good Smart TV reviews sections to help their Customers. 

Amazon Smart TV Reviews

Amazon are a hugely successful online retailer who need no introduction. It wouldn't be far fetched to say that they are quite simply one of the greatest online stores for buying pretty much anything related to the entertainment world. That includes books, DVDs, music CDs, and a vast range of technology products. On Amazon you can find pretty much anything you want, they'll remember you and present items they think you'd like each time you return to the site.

So it's no surprise that Amazon has great info on Smart Tvs. In fact they hold an entire section devoted to understanding Smart TV products and technology. Their crowning glory is that they carry many thousands of real buyer reviews which you can trust. For our purposes here,  each of the Smart TVs they list has internal links to a reviews section where buyers post their feedback on purchasing experiences and the performance they've noted from products bought. Individual Smart TV reviews are given a star rating, with 5 out of 5 denoting the best.

Amazon is a without a doubt a great site to start for reading through reviews for the first time buyer. Aside from the buyer reviews, each product on Amazon has detailed specifications written up on the product pages. But if you're more experienced, or want more detailed technical info from technology experts then it's probably worth taking a look at the technology and gadget news websites.

Smart TV Reviews On Technology & Gadget Review Websites

There are a number of highly useful, well-respected, and long running sites which are designed to concentrate on or provide information on gadgets and technology in general.

On any of these types of sites that carries reviews of TVs and other audio visual equipment, you will find one or more sections that cover Smart TV reviews and comparisons. This might be on detailed technical pages dedicated to individual models, or on news or blog type pages that are published as news breaks on different products.

These types of website fall firmly under the category of those that earn advertising revenue from the content that they publish, either from search engine advertising or from affiliate sales. But as I said before don't let that out you off. You just need to keep it in mind that some of what you read might have an ulterior motive to encourage you to make a buying decision. They may have an interest in pushing specific manufacturers models. You need to take that into account when reading through information.

Equally some will aim to get you the best resources they can pull together which will give you good reason to return again and again. They provide their information to attract visitors (you), and if that information is good quality and honest you'll stay on the site for more (and return regularly), and while you're on the site you will hopefully make a purchase or click on an ad that gives the site owners some financial return via advertising revenue.

You can guarantee that any reading material published on a technology focussed website - especially the well known ones - will be well written and in the vast majority of cases highly accurate. These types of sites have their content written by highly knowledgeable professional technology writers, many with vast experience in their subject.

They have high budgets, and spend appropriately to make sure they do provide accurate info. Plus they're well situated to get new models sent through to the resident experts as they're released on to the market, In some cases those experts get to prepare their reviews before the TVs are actually commercially available.

CNET is a perfect example of a highly regarded technology review site, and contains a useful section with reviews of different Smart TVs.

Geek.com is another example with a number of reviews of Smart TV models mixed up in the general Smart technology section of the site.

Televisioninfo.com is a superb site that has a useful section giving results of their Smart TV lab tests. You can look on these as reviews but with a more technical focus. Just click on any model listed to get through to the lab tests. Great stuff, well presented, and most definitely worth a read through.

The owners of LCDTVBuyingGuide.com have a well structured site with some valuable buying guides and individual Smart model reviews.

Forum Review Posts

Another good way to get real buyer views on Smart TV models is by searching through various online forums. You can read more about the benefits of belonging to a Smart TV forum on our forum page, though you don't normally have to be a member to read though posts - only if you want to comment.

The value in forums is of course that they're intended for debate and the sharing of info in a community environment, and many do carry specific sections which encourage members to post their own Smart TV reviews to expand on a forum post or to kick off new discussion.

Reviews From The Smart TV Manufacturers

Each of the major Smart TV manufacturers have their own websites, most of which are information rich and entertainingly designed. Though of course they're not interested in showing models other than their own.

As a Smart TV reviews resource these sites are often not going to be much use because the opinions you read will be biased. That's not to say that the info you can get isn't useful, and manufacturers sites can be a good place to start if you're looking for a specific range before you go off to other sites to get real - or at least more valuable - buyer or writer reviews.

But some manufacturers run websites where you can buy products direct, and on these it's possible to find real buyer reviews that won't necessarily give any self-interested or distorted views.

The Samsung online store is a great example and contains hundreds of real buyer Smart TV reviews covering the majority of Samsung models.

Smart TV Reviews On Standalone Websites & Blogs

This category describes the thousands of smaller, often one man websites or blogs that proliferate across the internet. It's so easy nowadays to start off a blog through many different and often free to build platforms.

It won't be a surprise therefore to find that quality varies considerably. A blog can be created carrying one Smart TV review and never be touched again. As long as the domain name owner renews their domain registration each year it'll keep on working.

That said, you can find many valuable smaller websites on varying subjects. In fact it's possible to find smaller, low budget sites that are highly valuable and written by experts or at least by authors who are passionate about their subject.

It's probably worth differentiating here between what's know as authoritative sites and the smaller blog type sites. Often blog owners tend to jump around subjects. You might see a post about a review of a specific Smart TV model one day, and the next post could be about apps, content, or any other Smart technology related subject. If you're the owner or know of a well written, informative smaller website or blog on Smart TV technology please feel free to drop me a line and maybe we'll get a link published here.

The authoritative sites tend to be well structured and much contain much more valuable info with a strong focus on trying to cover the subjects in depth. I'd like to think that SmartTV101.com falls into this bracket, or at least that's my intention. Authoritative sites on Smart TV will normally carry individual Smart TV reviews, though they might also try to focus on generally covering Smart technology without single model reviews.

Video Smart TV Reviews

Video is a hugely popular way to get information. It's no secret that Youtube has been one of the top handful of most trafficked sites on the web for some time. The Youtube library of Smart TV video reviews is a massive one, though it's not always easy to sift through and sort the valuable ones from the less valuable.

Here's a link to the Youtube Smart TV video reviews page, and the video below is one of the most visited videos on the page which is a good introduction to Samsung Smart TV technology.

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As the popularity of getting access to the internet and it's spin offs in converged TV, social TV, and interactive TV grows we are likely to see an ever increasing number of websites vying to present valuable information on smart products. If you're interested in knowing more about the connected TV revolution then starting off by reading Smart TV reviews is a great way to begin. I hope you've found the info on this page valuable and welcome any feedback or suggedtions for improvement or additions.       Back to top