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Smart TV Manufacturers Capitalizing On Latest Innovations

Smart TV technology has made huge strides over the last couple of years, and the list of leading Smart TV manufacturers now reads like a role call of the well known giants in the TV industry. Huge brand names such as Panasonic, Sony, and Samsung are at the forefront of the developments in Smart TVs, along with a handful of others who are following swiftly behind.

These names will be well known to pretty much anybody that's ever looked into buying a new TV recently, especially if they've already read through some Smart TV reviews to get an idea of highly rated models.  All of the manufacturers involved have advanced plans to be included in any list of top Smart TV manufacturers for many years to come.

The intentions of those manufacturers were confirmed at the CES show held in Las Vegas in early 2012. 3D TV seems to have taken a back seat after wild interest in 2011, and all the interest was focussed on new Smart breakthroughs. Clearly, they're betting that the move to Smart TV will be as lucrative a transition as the switch from black-and-white TVs to full color was some 50 years ago.

Smart technology isn't new. It's been with us in smartphones for years. But the new developments in Smart TV are gathering pace. 2012 may be the year when the Smart TV manufacturers give us models that are truly converged, social, interactive, and connected.

Of course, a TV set itself is not the only way to get Smart TV capability. You can use Smart TV upgraders to get Smart features on a standard HD set, or alternatively make use of an internet TV box to do the same thing. Don't get confused between manufacturers and 'software' providers either. Google TV sounds like a an actual TV that's manufactured by Google, but actually it's the Google operating system that's delivering Smart TV via other manufacturers sets.

Remember too that the Smart TVs of different manufacturers will have different features or benefits. Those might be apparent in pricing, design, or capability.

But this page is about manufacturers of living room Smart TVs, so let's take a look at who is involved:

Who Are The Smart TV Manufacturers?

You can see a full list in the menu just to your left and slightly higher up on the page. Each menu option will take you to a dedicated page about that manufacturer, and their Smart TV products and models. Just below is a summary list of some leading operators, if you want to scan through quickly:

Panasonic Smart TV

Panasonicís line of Smart TVís comes paired with not only quality electronics, but its user interface is excellent.  The function of a Smart TV depends on more than just how clear or sharp the picture may be, it also depends on the features that come with the brand.  The Smart TV portal is your access to apps and the Internet, and you donít want to sell yourself short there.  Panasonic created their Viera Connect portal in order to provide the user with high capabilities and an easy operating interface.

LG Smart TV

LG happens to be one of the best brands in Smart TV technology, as is expertly demonstrated in their LG Cinema 3D TV range.  The reason why they've jumped to the top half of a list of high quality Smart TV makers is because their Internet connectivity and menu options outweigh that of any other Smart TV manufacturer.  While they might not have been the first to break into the Smart TV Internet capability, they have still perfected the craft.  LGís user interface is near foolproof and it is extremely easy to use.

Samsung Smart TV

One of Samsung's strong features for their Smart TVís is - apart from the overall quality of their models - is because have the largest Smart TV app store in the industry.  In 2011, they already had over 1,000 apps in the store.  This makes Samsung one of the best Smart TV manufacturers due to their expansive ability to keep pumping apps to their customers.  It should be rather easy to find a few valuable apps out of 1,000.

Toshiba Smart TV

Toshiba has a Smart TV that has the capability of increased frames per second allowing for a much smoother picture during a part where the camera or graphics are in motion.  This is called ďMotion Flow TechnologyĒ, and may be a great reason for a sports fan to buy this brand.

Choosing The Best Smart Television Manufacturer 

When choosing the right manufacturer to supply your Smart TV, you have to look at more than just how sharp the picture is.  Almost all of the manufacturers listed on this page can claim that their TVís are 1080p and have excellent clarity.  That's going to be a true statement in virtually every case.

The question is, what sets a manufacturer apart from their competition?

While the options may seem endless, you only need to figure out the features that you want the most, and which brand does a better job on those features. That may make it sound easy, when of course it's a little more complicated than that. You really do want to be carrying out some searches for info to help, either by looking at Smart TV reviews or by reading through some Smart TV comparison guides.

Take your time as you would for any potential expensive purchase. The right Smart TV manufacturer for you will be the one that gives you a set based on the right balance of cost, size, features, technology, and picture quality.

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