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Smart TV Gaming - Gaming Networks

Some of the latest TVs are behaving a lot more like computers. These Smart TVs have a computer chip and a hard drive and it is possible to install programs and media on them as you would with a normal desktop PC. But Smart TVs are not the only way to get into gaming. While more and more apps (such as Angry Birds) can be installed on Smart TVs, you can of course buy a separate gaming console such as a Wii, XBOX or a Playstation to get onto gaming networks. Also, there are gaming networks that you can install onto your computer: for example, Onlive, Cloud Gaming, Playjam and Steam.

Itís inevitable that as technology becomes better, smart TV gaming will simply become the norm for most people who have a TV.

The benefits of Smart TV Gaming

The biggest benefit is that the more centralized your hardware becomes and the more functions that it can do, the less likely will you need lots of appliances. Ten years ago, when people went on a vacation, they took a video camera, several smaller cameras, their satellite phone and their laptop. Now they just take their iPhone or smart phone, because it takes care of all of that.

If your TV is a smart TV, not only will you be able to play games on it, but you will also be able to use many other applications that will make your life a lot more comfortable. For instance, a smart TV is capable of talking to your cell phone through a secure Bluetooth connection. Your cellphone has a security product on it that is connected to the Internet through your 3G connection, providing live footage of your security cameras.

So whatís stopping you setting up a stream to your smart TV in the living room, so you can see the cameras in HD live? You can control your doors, windows, blinds, shutters, lights and gates through your Smart TV and your cell phone using this technology.

Examples of Smart TV gaming - and how to get them

Onlive is an example of a network that can be installed on your computers or your Smart TV. This means that you will be able to play the games using controllers or even your TV remote. There are a lot of games in a variety of different categories, such as:- roleplaying- action- sports- adventures- puzzles.

The basic price for a kit that gets you everything you need to play on your TV costs $100. After that, there is no monthly fee, but you do have to pay for individual games that you purchase.Other internet TV boxes that you can try out games with are Boxee, Veebeam, Youview Box and Roku Player.

The future...

Coming soon? Most likely sunglasses that are all-in-one cell phone, wireless and headset devices. Record everything you see, smart TV gaming beamed into your brain from the sunglasses which you control with neural impulses and scan your fingerprint to pay for your shopping. It isnít so far fetched!

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