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Smart TV Forums - Introduction

There are dozens of ways to get valuable info from the internet, and one of these is from forum participation. As far as Smart TVs go,  joining any of the respected Smart TV forums is one of the best ways you can find others who might share a deep interest in the technology. Whether you want to find Smart TV reviews, breaking news, or the latest developments then you can be sure there are forums that cover Smart TV either as their focus or as part of general technology or product sections.

The great thing about forums is they're normally frequented by helpful members. Whether you're an expert or a novice you'll be able to find help and get to engage with others who share the same interests. Plus you don't have to be a member to search for info, only if you want to make comments. Most forums are free to join too, though occasionally there are charges for enhanced memberships that will let you get access to 'hidden' sections.

Smart TV Forums will generally be great places to find people who are keen to share experiences, and give you an opportunity  to share in the benefits of belonging to a helpful and knowledgeable community.

The real value in forums is of course that they're intended for that debate and the sharing of info in a community environment, and many do carry specific sections which encourage members to post their own Smart TV reviews or information to expand on a forum post or to kick off new discussion.

Most forums that contain threads or posts on Smart TV technology are of course general television or audio visual related forums, rather than dedicated Smart TV forums. But with the growing interest in Smart TVs you will always be able to find a thread that's of interest. It's possible you'll also find that some of the major Smart TV manufacturers host their own forums on their official sites.

It's likely that you've arrived at this section of SmartTV101.com specifically looking for a Smart TV forum. I must admit I have toyed with the idea of putting one here, and that idea might still come to fruition at some point, but the truth is that forums take a lot of work and time to moderate and ensure they keep valuable information flowing. For now, I prefer to put that time and effort into writing and publishing my own useful Smart TV content on the site.

So, on this page I'm going to be listing a collection of valuable Smart TV forum threads with the target of showing those that contain the most useful information. You should be able to find a good selection of positive and negative info on Smart TV in the forum threads listed below.

Technology & Gadget Smart TV Forums

www.DigitalSpy.com  - Digital Spy Forums: billed as the number one showbiz, entertainment and digital media community.

www.avsForum.com - High quality discussion forum dedicated to Home Theater and associated products. You'll need to search through to find Smart TV forum threads but there's a wealth of information tucked away.

DBSTalk.com -  Discussion forums for all satellite TV related information.

CNET Forums - CNET is a hugely popular and widely visited site covering many aspects of technology. CNET forums are a highly valuable resource for anything related to Smart and Connected TVs.

PCWorld Smart TV Forum - General boards devoted to all aspects of HD TV.

ConnectedTVForum.com is a growing internet TV forum with general discussion boards on topics surrounding connected, smart, and internet TVs.

AVForums.com has a dedicated internet TV/IPTV forum section.

HighDefForum.com - covers a wide range of topics related to HD TV, with over 130,000 members.

DTVUSAForum has a well populated section holding numerous discussions on all internet TV related subjects.

Overclockers.co.uk thread on turning normal TV into Smart TV.

A valuable thread on RegHardware.com with some differing viewpoints on the value of smart TVs.

Windows Vista forums 'everything you need to know about Smart TVs' thread

Manufacturers Smart TV  Forums

Logitech Forum

Samsung Forum - this Samsung forum is focussed on the development of Samsung Smart TV applications. It carries a wide range of tools, tips, and technical documentation essential for creating various Smart apps. More for the creative among us, but still might be useful for general Samsung related Smart TV info.

Philips Community Forum - contains a section dedicated to streaming and networks.

Google TV Forum - As the name implies, dedicated to all aspects of Google TV

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