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Revealing The Smart TV Card: Smart TV On The Go

The Smart TV Card is the tool which can transform your mobile laptop or notebook into (almost) a full capability Smart TV. This little card has the capability to connect your laptop computer to the same channels that deliver streamed TV, making it one of the most functional little devices in the industry.  Some Smart TV Card manufacturers have developed better devices better than others, not all are high quality

The big question is: what can these little cards do?  What is the advantage of having a Smart TV Card installed in your laptop? One thing is for sure, if you're thinking about buying one of the new 3D TVs for a few thousand dollars, and want to avoid the effort of reading through countless Smart TV reviews, it's worth looking at the option of a plug in card.

What Is a Smart TV Card?

The Smart TV Card is a “chip” like device that is installed inside your Mac OS or Windows laptop.  This function in particular has turned out to be quite useful, eliminating the need for both a TV and a laptop if money is tight.  The Smart TV Card has the capability of changing your laptop function to that of your living room TV.  In essence, the installation of the unit usually adds a program that allows you to watch the usual TV programming, but your modem does have to be broadcasting a Wifi signal in order to operate.

Installation Of Smart TV Cards

Installation for the Smart TV Card tends to become tricky, as there are a few places that constitute the proper port, depending on what type of computer it is.  There has to be enough space to add it into the motherboard, so that the antenna clears the rest of the components on the inside.

It is almost always best to consult a professional or a Geek Squad member in order to install the unit.  You do not want to mess up anything inside the motherboard, which has the potential of frying the entire hard drive.

What Does A Smart TV Card Get You?

These cards deliver benefits in a few different ways.  The first is in delivering extra capabilities when you're on the move.  As long as you are in a place that will allow you to connect to the regular channels, then you can use your Smart TV Card.  In terms of portability, most TV’s are not designed to be easily moved around.  However, because your TV is now housed in your laptop, you can simply pack it up and move it.

Cost is another benefit of course. With TVs costing up to a thousand dollars and more, it's an attractive proposition to be able to get Smart features with a product for a fraction of the cost.

Smart TV Card Quality

The quality of cards tends to vary, as you'd expect with any lower priced technology product.  With the lower cost cards the most common complaint among users tends to be that picture clarity is marginal at best.  This is improved on the better devices, with crystal clear images being attainable.


There are a number of alternative solutions to get full blown Smart featurers without buying a Smart TV. If you want to watch movies, surf the web, and converge your mobile devices in the way that Smart TV offers, then the smart TV card may be your way to go.  Converting a laptop into a TV is a simple idea that can work well with the right Smart TV card and in the right circumstances.

Here's a link to the Alibaba site listing a number of different Smart TV card models.

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