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Samsung Smart TVs - A New Kind Of Entertainment

First came the wonder of smartphones, now smart TVs are making their appearance. The line of new Samsung Smart TV models are beautiful, sleek, and as impressive in function as in appearance. Any exercise in reading through Smart TV reviews will always show Samsung models to be regularly highly rated, and with technologically advanced features like HD, 3D viewing, and Wi-Fi, these plasmas are the hottest new luxury to hang in your living space.

Enormous widescreen plasmas make viewing TV an entirely new experience. With dimensions between 40 and 60 inches, Samsung Smart TVs make watching anything almost like being at the movies. Football games and movies are really enhanced by these devices, enabling you to catch every movement, nuance, and detail.

Smart TVs are capable of running web browsers and the Internet, both accessible via Samsung's Smart Hub Smart TV portal. They specialize in on-demand streaming media, online interactive media, and Internet TV. The Samsung Smart TV range makes it simple to access an unlimited amount of pictures, videos, and movies by using compatible devices like game consoles and Blu-ray players. Using social TV and interactive TV features is a breeze, adding an entirely new dimension of entertainment and fun on family nights.


Samsung Smart TVs are often very highly rated by two good barometers of TV quality - Amazon and CNET.

CNET is a company that reviews electronic devices of all kind. The editors of this website take it upon themselves to review each product meticulously for qualities that are both technologically and practically relevant. According to the editors of CNET, the Samsung PN59D8000 is the best of all the line of smart TVs. It received impressive ratings of 9 out of 10 for important qualities like design, features, and performance.

In fact, all the PND8000 Samsung Smart TVs proved to have the best picture quality and accurate colors of any TV ever reviewed. In addition to superior visibility, even in bright light, the Samsung had uniform plasma and excellent 3D imaging.

Amazon Customer reviews are a valuable source of real buyer views on performance, and Samsung models consistently receive high ratings on the buyer review pages.

Samsung Smart TV Features

As you'd expect from a leading manufacturer with multiple models and a history of innovation second to none, Samsung Smart TVs are among the most advanced, with superb features already in evidence on a number of models and plenty more planned for the future.

Connectivity & Usability

Wi-Fi allows customers to use the Internet with the benefit of the large TV screen by using a set of user-friendly picture controls. Many new sets from Samsung will be shipped with WiFi capability built in, meaning no more need for cable connections or dongles.

The easy-to-use web browser preinstalled on Samsung Smart TVs can be swiftly navigated with a full keyboard. A dual-sided Bluetooth keyboard may also be used, taking your evenings of watching reruns to a whole new level.

Remote Control

With the Apple TV a distinct possibility, manufacturers are falling over themselves to get high quality voice and gesture control features into their sets. Samsung are no different, and 2012 models will incorporate advanced features like voice control and touch screens

The new Samsung Smart Touch Control is going to control the full range of Samsung Smart devices, including TVs, set top boxes, and BluRay players.

The remote comes with a touchpad that will let you make changes to volume and channel settings just by using a swiping motion, as well as browsing on screen using the touchpad as a mouse. 

The innovative technology driving the remote also works to improve the connectivity quality between the remote and the TV itself by the use of Bluetooth and infrared. The video below is a good introduction to the new remotes capabilities.

Voice Control

Voice controlled TV features will become increasingly desirable. Samsung's new voice control system works by using a microphone built into the remote. You'll be able to use a number of voice commands to activate and change various TV functions such as switching channels, changing the volume, and navigating through  services.

The In Touch Camera

The set top camera solution is a brand new one from Samsung. Announced at the CES show in early 2012, it's known as the Samsung inTouch. Samsung have devised a solution that combines a Wi-Fi camera with your TV to deliver 720p high HD video along with internet apps such as Youtube and Skype, all mixed up with a built in web browser. The camera is due to be released in March 2012 at a cost of around $200.

Samsung promise the camera will provide a fun to use interactive feature set giving Smart capability to older HD TVs that don't have networking capability.

The inTouch camera can be mounted on top of an HD TV set, shelf or table, and tilted at up to 30 degrees to get any viewer in shot. Connection to a wireless broadband network is straightforward, with connection madfe to the TV via a standard HDMI cable.

By connecting to Skype and using a mic and speakers, Samsung's inTouch camera gives you the ability to connect with family and friends around the world in an HD video confrrence right from the comfort of your own living room.

For more info, Engadget carries a useful article on Samsung's In Touch camera.

Samsung Smart TV Models

2011 saw a huge range from Samsung with a mixture of Smart and 3D TVs, many of which were highly acclaimed. The flagships were the D7000 and D8000 LED models and the D8000 plasma, which Samsung released in April 2011.

2012 is going to see an enhanced range of Smart TVs, as we've seen in the features section above.

The cream of the crop will be the ES8000 LED display series - a truly powerful model that Samsung are rightly proud of. It's a dual-core processor model that boasts multi-tasking capabilities. These let you toggle from destination to destination, watching a streamed movie at the same time as checking the latest sports results (very similar to Teletext in the UK in fact!).

These are already released in Korea with the rest of the world to follow in the first few months of the year. Late 2012 will see a Google TV model launch.

The 8000 series includes the first upgradeable Smart TVs, with an evolution kit that will let owners get a processor upgrade next year instead of having to buy a whole new TV. The 8000s also deliver
voice and gesture controlled features I've mentioned above.

In the looks department, the ES8000's slim bezel - first seen in 2011 models - is augmented with a new  complimentary U-shaped stand. Larger size 75 inch models will be available, with an extra innovation in integrated cameras for video conferencing with the high end models.

Samsung have announced plans to release a 55 inch OLED display Smart 3D TV in 2012. With smart voice recognition capability and some form of gesture control interface thrown in, the TV has potential to become one of the leaders of the new 2012 model ranges.

Along with a dual processor to improve ability for multi tasking, Samsung are promising the sets will be future proofed to. This will be achieved by being able to use slots in the back of the TVs to accept cards which will upgrade the sets with any new smart features or improvements to speed and performance.

Samsung also showed their revolutionary  Transparent Smart Window model at CES. It's a 22 inch display that works as a normal display but also has see through capability just like a window.

The Samsung SmartHub Portal

The Samsung Smart Hub is widely recognised as being the leader in Smart TV portals. Samsung have put huge effort into positioning Smart Hub as the portal with the widest range of downloadable apps. With a highly intuitive and attractive home page starting point, and easily the best Youtube apps among all of the portals, Smart Hub stands out from the rest.

TV viewing on the portal is through a left hand side positioned window, with App and other content access to the right and below. There's dedicated access to social TV options, with a particularly likeable feature where you get video and search options centre-screen. By using the search option, you can enter a movie title which activates an internet search for content around it. That results in displayed results such as trailers. Samsung intend to expand the feature to eventually link with Facebook pages or groups, and ultimately ways to stream or rent that specific movie from one of the streaming service providers.

Samsung have always been one of the leaders in supplying 3D related content.Their Explore 3D channel is also available via the portal, making a combination Samsung 3D Smart TV a hugely attractive proposition. Explore 3D gives access to free education, natural history, and documentation programming in 3D.

Even the web browser gives Flash support, which you don't get with others - although as we've noted before, using a remote control to operate a web browser is not easy and takes a while to master.

The main features of Smart Hub include:

Search -  easily search for content via Samsung Apps or other online services.

Your Video - delivers content recommendations based on your viewing history.

Samsung Apps - a huge range either free or downloadable from the Samsung App Store including 380 applications designed for Smart TV, of which 259 are free. The store is currently available in 120 countries around the world.

TV Design

Innovative design is an increasingly important consideration for anyone looking to buy a Smart TV. Samsung's new ONE Design delivers highly attractive TVs that will grace any living room with an ultra-thin bezel. More info on design features is available on this official Samsung product news page.

Smart 3D Developments

Samsung are well known for the quality of their 3D TV models, and these definitely add a new dimension when combined with Smart features too.

Picturebox - a video streaming supplier - are reported to be working on an app that would give Samsung Smart 3D TV owners the ability to watch movies and other content in 3D without needing to add extra hardware such as a 3D Blu Ray Player. With the ability to get streamed 3D content that would also eliminate the need for expensive Blu Ray discs as well.

If you're interested in 3D technology, the Samsung D6100 is a set worth looking at. It's Smart and 3D, offering full 1080p HD, LED screen technology, and Freeview HD channels all mixed in with internet access.

The D6100 makes use of Samsung's Hyper Real Engine to give spectacular 3D images via active shutter 3D glasses, plus can convert 2D to 3D as well.

Access to internet services is provided via Samsung Smart Hub and an ever increasing number of downloadable apps. Social TV is not forgotten, with a feature that will let you chat with family and friends while watching normal TV programmes. Samsung's Allshare lets you connect to other devices easily to share media content.

More Info & Useful Samsung Smart TV Resources

If my page here hasn't answered your search, you can take a look at a number of official Samsung website pages on their ranges of Smart TVs, including the Samsung Facebook page.

This Squidoo lens on Samsung Smart TV technology is a valuable, well written source of more info.


Samsung are going all out in 2012 to be the leader in Smart technology, with a range of models designed to delight buyers. Their wonder is in their ability to combine virtually all the electronic devices you love into your TV - your computer, game console, Blu-ray player, and smartphone come together in an innovative way in Samsung Smart TV models to give you one of the best Smart experiences on offer.

If you are looking to buy a Smart TV in 2012, Samsung models need to be somewhere near the top of the list.

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Hot Samsung News & Developments
9th Feb - New Samsung 8000 Series Smart Models For 2012
Samsung are planning to release their new 8000 series line up globally within the next couple of months. Some models will be the first to ship with a built in upgrade capability and voice/gesture controls.

The Japanese manufacturer also plans to release its first Google TV model towards the end of the year.

8th Feb - Samsung's New Voice Activated Remote Control
Following on from LG's Wii type motion operated remote control, Samsung have announced their first voice activated remote will ship with one of their TV models later in 2012.

Jan 11th 2012 - New Super Smart Samsung Models 

Samsung have announced plans to release a 55 inch OLED display Smart 3D TV in 2012. With smart voice recognition capability and some form of gesture control interface thrown in, the TV has potential to become one of the leaders of the new 2012 model ranges.

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