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The Roku Player - Most Affordable Streaming TV

Smart TV is big news. In an environment where Smart TVs can cost from many hundreds up to many thousands of dollars, it's always worth looking at alternatives that can deliver similar functionality at lower cost. Why spend hours reading through Smart TV reviews when there's an alternative option? The Roku Player is the smallest and most affordable of the internet TV boxes which will allow you to take advantage of Smart features and streaming Internet TV.

The Roku Player - rapidly becoming the most successful of the different Smart TV boxes, can perform a number of Smart functions. - it can log into TV betting sites, can help you connect to  your smart gaming networks, and it will of course download movies and TV shows to your TV for you to watch any time. It can either stream them live over the Internet, or cache them for you to watch later.

Just some of the featured networks available on Roku are:- Netflix- Huluplus- Amazon- HBO- Disney- UFC- CNBC- CNET- AOL HD- The X Factor

What Does The Roku Player Give You?

The Roku Player is renowned for simplicity, variety of entertainment choices, and exceptionally good value when compared with competitors..

Huge Content Options

Roku recently announced a partnership to offer the Hulu Plus service on all models. TV fans can watch every episode of more than 45 current popular shows from the likes of ABC and Fox, including Modern family, Grey's Anatomy, Glee, Family Guy, The Office and 30 Rock. Full series runs and and numerous back seasons of dozens of classic shows like the X-Files, Saturday Night Live, Miami Vice, and Ugly Betty are also available.

The Hulu deal compliments existing partnerships with such well known names as Netflix, Amazon video on demand, Pandora, MLB.tv, and Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Easy Wireless Functionality

The Roku is completely wireless and sets up within minutes. Because it is wireless, you can also set it to be useable by your computer. So you can organize all your data or copy it to other places once you have finished watching it. Flexibility is the word, and the Roku Player certainly delivers.

P2P Networks For Best Transmission

The Internet is all about sharing and P2P is just another angle of that. There are a number of completely legal P2P networks, and the Roku has access to them. This is how it is able to obtain and display all the TV shows and movies you want legally.


With a bit of technical know how, or with a good friendís help who knows how to get things done with computers, you can even make a few modifications so that you can access your collection on Roku from any wireless enabled device. It doesnít matter if itís your smartphone, iPad, iPod touch or office computer at work, you can set up connections (even securely over the Internet) to access your things at home.

You can also set up a program to get the shows you need when there is an Internet connection available and then transfer them to a laptop so you can watch them when travelling.

Where To Get A Roku Player

As with any technology product, there are multiple choices of where to buy one from. One option is to go direct to the Roku official website. Much like the other Smart TV boxes - the Boxee, the Youview Box, or the Veebeam - they will send you everything you need to get hooked up by mail once youíve paid your membership on the website. Thereís a 30 day money back guarantee just in case you are not satisfied with the product too.

Of course you can also get a Roku from any of the leading online electrical retailers. Amazon is a perfect example.

Which Model Roku Player Is Best?

There are a number of models available and which one you get will depend mostly on your needs.

The smallest Roku will give you 350 channels, functionality with every TV, built in wireless, and high definition video (720p).

Upgrades to this basic model include an RF remote with motion control (like the Wii) for games, higher video resolution (1080p), a free copy of the Angry Birds game as well as an ethernet port and USB port.


The price range of the Roku is between $59.99 and $99.99. Entry model is the  Roku HD streaming player at $59.99, which delivers HD video and features built-in wireless and Ethernet for easy broadband connectivity anywhere in the home. The  Roku XD comes in at $79.99 and the XDS at $99.99. The higher priced models add 1080p HD support (delivered over HDMI) and extended range wireless capability.

For more info on the Roku Player you can visit the Wikipedia Roku page, which as always contains detailed information.

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