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Plasma Smart TV - Introduction

Plasma Smart TV
models are often seen as the big guns on the home entertainment market. If you’re looking for the best quality images, top end sound and the all-round home cinema effect, plasma is probably the one to look to first. Plasma TV’s were the first available flat screen TV’s, and when they were launched some 30 years’ ago, they were absolutely the preserve of the wealthy: stupid prices and low durability. All that has now changed; prices are lower, quality ever improving, and new technologies such as Smart TV and 3D TV are becoming standard on new models. A Plasma Smart TV will bring you the best there is at a price that won’t require a second mortgage.

What Is Plasma TV?

Plasma technology sounds like it’s been taken from Star Wars… Behind the glass screen there are hundreds of tiny gas chambers filled with the inert gases xenon and neon. This is the ‘plasma’. Behind the plasma are found a series of red, blue and green phosphors. A picture is generated when electricity hits the plasma chambers, creating an invisible UV beam which in turn causes the phosphors to light. This creates the image on screen.

And What About The Smart Element?

A Plasma Smart TV uses the screen technology mentioned above plus a new internet-based technology which hooks up your TV to the web. Usually your smart TV is hooked into your router or hub using an Ethernet cable, but some can be Wi-Fi connected to. Using a Smart TV gives you full use of multiple internet services on your TV.

On Smart TVs access to these services is usually ‘apps’ based, with apps appearing on screen as selectable icons. The most popular apps are often pre-installed on your TV, including Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. The number and type of apps on different manufacturers will depend on how they've configured their Smart TV portals.

The newest Plasma Smart TV’s also boast an internet browser, giving you full access to website content. A major feature of smart TV technology is the ability to stream video and TV directly to your screen, including pay-per-view movies and catch-up TV programs.

If you want to know more about the different types of Smart television on offer, it's worth reading through a selection of Smart TV reviews that you'll find on many of the popular electronics shopping sites.

Why Choose A Plasma TV?

Plasma TV’s are at the higher end of the price range. However, for your money you get the absolute best in home visual entertainment. Plasma Smart TV’s tend to be more bulky than their LCD and LED counterparts. However, they are still a lot slimmer than the old CRT sets! You can buy a plasma TV with up to 72” screen and without any drop in picture quality. Plasma screens are sharper and enjoy better contrast than LCD or LED. They also offer a wider viewing angle.

One negative of plasma TVs is they used to suffer from ‘image burn’ where a single image could remain on the screen, causing a ghosting effect. Thankfully technology has improved and this no longer occurs in recently made sets.

For home cinema enthusiasts, a Plasma Smart TV is ideal. Its contrast is excellent in the dark, much better than an LCD, and you’ll be able to enjoy movies streamed straight to your screen either from your internet connection or by use of one of the popular internet TV boxes.

For those who want the full home entertainment experience, a big screen Plasma Smart TV definitley needs to be high on the consideration list.

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