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Photo Sharing Sites

There are some well known and highly regarded photo sharing websites to choose from.

Flickr tends to keep a bit of a photo journal. You can write captions and give details about an album. It is easy to invite friends to view your photos and you can password protect them if you like.


Snapfish was one of the first photo sharing outlets and even comes with printing options for both you and your friends. You can either have the photos printed and Snapfish and mailed to you or you can have them delivered to a local Walgreens for faster turnaround. You often get prints for a significantly discounted rate by using Snapfish and your friends can also print your photos as they like. Another great feature is the ability to download digital copies of the images for a small fee. This saves you from having to mail CDs or jump drives out to get the photos delivered.

Other popular photo sharing sites include PhotoBucket, SmugMug, Google's own Picasaweb, and Shutterfly

One of the best things about photo sharing is that it becomes an instant online backup of everything that you upload. If you ever lose your computer or hard drive, you can log into your photo sharing account and reclaim all the pictures that you lost. While it will cost you a small fee, it is much better than losing the images forever. In the world today, many photos never get printed or put in a secure secondary location, making all of your digital images very vulnerable for permanent deletion. You get peace of mind, not to mention the ability to access your images anywhere you have WiFi services.

The Future of Photo Sharing

The photo sharing sites are starting to offer all different journaling and sharing options. You can print out yearly DVDs in the form of a slide show for all your images. You can put them in photo books that are hard cover bound and on printed pages. All of these options help protect your photos and give you ways of better keeping track of your life.

With little effort on your part you can chronicle your life or the lives of your children and share them with the world. For amateur photographers, you can branch out and start a photo feed with the hopes of developing your craft.

More Info On Photo Sharing

Sharing photos is simple and straightforward, and all of the popular sharing websites are simple to use and have easy to follow instructions on joining and how to build your photo collections. So you can get most of what you need from any of those popular sites.

However, if you want more detailed info one of the best places to look (for any subject) is the online Wikipedia page. If that isn't enough take a look at Youtube's collection of photo sharing videos for something a little more visual.

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Using Photo Sharing to Its Full Potential

Photo sharing is a way to post your images online so you can give friends and family easy access to see your photos. When you decide how you want to photo share there are a number of options. You can leave your account open for anyone to see, you can invite people to particular albums or you can password protect your images so as to keep others from finding them. No matter what sharing service you use, it can be easy for you to share those memorable moments of with people thousands of miles away or right next door.