Introduction To Philips Smart TVs

A Philips Smart TV won’t do the dishes or walk the dog but it will sure come close to doing just about everything else you might need in a well-rounded modern television.

Fighting over the remote or digging in the couch is a thing of the past, with the new Philips Smart TV models you can even channel surf with your smart phone or a keyboard. My friend’s Philips is having an affair with her I Phone; they talk behind her back while she watches a movie. Ok well it isn’t that bad but it sure is cool. The kids love having the ability to stream video or music right off the internet. Makes watching a U-tube video so much more fun.

The things you can do without having seventeen different devices and remotes are really surprising. No more DVR or missing the beginning of a movie because your husband wanted whipped cream and a cherry on his ice cream. With being Wi-Fi capable the new Philips Smart TVs let you surf the net, or load web content without having to fire up your PC and you can view it while still watching your show. You can also view any file on the TV screen you can view on your own computer. It makes looking at all those digital pictures you took last summer at the Grand Canyon so much more enjoyable, especially when you have a big group.

What's Smart TV All About?

If this is the first time you've come across the term Smart TV, you're going to find it's a hugely interesting subject. To summarise, Smart TVs make use your standard broadband connection to deliver web content to your TV display. That content could be anything from streaming Netflix videos to music downloads from Pandora to watchning videos on Youtube, and pretty much everything in between.

Although there is overlap, each manufacturer offers a unique bundle of free or paid services, including streaming video and music, social networking apps, online photo galleries, news and financial updates, weather info, sports scores, and a variety of other smartphone-like applications. Philips are no different, providing a range of apps via their Smart TV portal.

Manufacturers continually add new content to their portals which makes research essential if you're looking to buy a Smart TV. Reading a bundle of Smart TV reviews will help in this respect, and you'll find that Philips Smart TV models are consistently highly rated in any best Smart TV pages you'll come across online.

Philips 2012 Smart TV Models

As is the case with many of the manufacturers, a new year always brings announcements of new models to be introduced in the coming year. Philips were among the first to spread plans of their 2012 Smart TV line up - which includes 19 new LED Ambilight display models most of which sport Smart features. They should be available around the middle of 2012.

The new models range from a low end/budget 19 inch set right up to a 55 inch, with the flagship 46 inch 46PFL9706T set sitting firmly in the middle. The series are know as 7000, 6000, 4000, and 3000.

The higher end 7000 ranges come with a surprise feature in dual screen gaming - similar to that delivered by the Playstation 3D TV. This delivers two different views for players of the same game seen through pairs of 3D glasses. Of course this means the 7000s are 3D capable Tvs using active shutter glasses technology. Display sizes include a 40inch, 46 inch, and 55 inch model, with a USB keyboard included for easier internet surfing.

Connection options are well catered for with a total of 5 different HDMI connection points (in the 7000 series) and 3 USB ports, plus options for making your connection via ethernet or wireless. The 6000 series - sized at 32, 37, 42, 47, and 55 inches - will come with similar capabilities minus one HDMI. Surprisingly the 6000 will deliver its 3D via passive glasses.

The 4000 series starts at 37 inches and ranges up to 47 inches. These also delivers Smart options, but you will need to get hold of a separate Wi-Fi module to take advantage of internet based services.

The 3000 series models can be looked on as the bargain basement, with screen sizes ranging from 19 inches to 42 inches but with no Smart or 3D capability.

2012 Flagship Smart TV - The Philips 46PFL9706T

The Philip's flagship Smart TV for 2012 is the 46PFL9706T - a 46 inch LCD Smart TV set with great 2D capabilities. It's Smart, it uses active shutter 3D technology, and it comes with a new feature called the Moth-Eye filter.

We'll talk more about the Moth Eye in a minute. First some more about quality, design, sound, and Smart capabilities. Each of these are very strong with design and build quality particularly good, though the set doesn't quite hit the heights with its 3D imaging.

Now to the moth-eye filter. This filter is designed reduce reflectivity off the display, and it does this by reproducing the way that a moths eyes work. The surface of the display is covered by minute nanostructures which act to draw in light in a way that places the display as one of the best seen for viewing in a bright or well-lit room. The end result is truly brilliant imaging with probably the best contrast seen on any LCD television.

It was only a matter of time before an LCD TV got close, or bettered, the black levels seen in plasmas. This is the TV that does it. And it does it in a combination which also shows brighter colours in their best light too. There's no blur on fast motion pictures thanks to the Perfect Natural Motion technology, and this definitely helps with 3D performance as well. There's a little crosstalk, but overall the 3D imaging is perfectly acceptable and displayed with good depth.

Philips are clearly aiming for the high end of the market with this TV, and it does really have the chance to conquer that high end. It could easily end up with the accolade of best Smart TV of 2012.

Philips Smart TV Portal -

Philips Net TV

Philips Net TV Portal has had plenty of time to mature, resulting as the evolution of the first app home page to be displayed when shown at the IFA show in 2008.

With Net TV the Philips Smart TVs allow you to access an interactive on-screen platform to select shows for reminders, programming highlights and block channels so the kids will pretend to do their homework. Pausing for a phone call, or running to the kitchen for more beer during the big game is simple. All the Philips Smart TVs use USB recording technology and they let you pause live action television and resume right where you left off. The recording feature is just great, with all-digital technology no one will ever have to miss a show. 

The standard portal interface works by using a tiled grid, with a range of Apps centralised on the screen. These Apps include Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and others, but more can be downloaded from the Philips app store. Content is made up of a range of buyable and free options.

Quality of streaming video is strong, and the browser - accessed by hitting the internet button - is easily useable. Like many other portals, options for using different media files are wide and varied. Overall the Philips Smart TV portal is a high performance one giving access to varied and interesting content.

More Info & Valuable Resources

There's some extra useful info on Philips Smart TV features in the official Philips press release while Youtube of course carries a series of Philips Smart TV videos.


Philips have always been a great television manufacturer, and the Philips Smart TV models are keeping up the high quality traditions. Offering comprehensive smart TV packages, a clean line, great picture and superior service and warranty has kept the manufacturer up front and center in the competitive home theater market. The new Smart TVs released by the Dutch giant during 2012 look sure to book their place in ant list of best models.

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