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Panasonic Smart TV: Increasing Speed And Capability

As one of the traditional forerunners of any new TV related technology, Panasonic are not being left behind in advancing the Smart TV capability of their sets. Panasonic Smart TV models are working to push the limits of what these devices are capable of - helping to define just what smart TVs can do and what place they will hold in the households of the future.

What's Smart TV All About?

If you haven't come across the term Smart TV before, you're going to find it's a huge subject. But as a summary, Smart TVs use your home broadband connection to deliver web content to your TV display. That content might be anything from streaming Netflix videos to music downloads from Pandora, and pretty much everything in between. Take a look at the home page for more detailed info.

Although there is overlap, each manufacturer offers a unique bundle of free or paid services, including streaming video and music, social networking apps, online photo galleries, news and financial updates, weather info, sports scores, and a variety of other smartphone-like applications.

Manufacturers continue to add new content to their offerings, keeping customers current through firmware updates, and making a bit of research a prudent step in your buying decision. Reading a bundle of Smart TV reviews will help in this respect, and you'll find that Panasonic Smart TV models are consistently highly rated in any best Smart TV pages you'll come across online.

Panasonic Smart TV - Features & Benefits

During 2011 the Panasonic Smart TV models were enhanced by the introduction of a new 1.4 GHz dual-core Smart TV chip which promises to be the fastest chip on the market. This chip, part of Panasonic’s UniPhier line of processors for high definition televisions, smart televisions, and Blu-ray players, is capable of handling two HDTV streams simultaneously while still allowing users to access Internet content. On top of everything else, Panasonic has touted this chip as significantly reducing the amount of energy required to run the system.

What this translates to for users of a Panasonic Smart TV is a consistently clear picture and ultra fast download and streaming times, allowing users to get even more out of the growing selection of Smart TV apps.

With the powerful capability in the Panasonic models, you can quickly search YouTube and watch videos. Movies from Netflix and other online vendors such as Hulu will stream quickly and smoothly. Panasonic's apps range is expected to hit around 350-400 by the end of 2012,  and includes some lesser known services such as Panasonic's own app that lets viewers purchase Panasonic products through their TVs, weather reporting from Accuweather, and a 99 cents per month subscription service from Wealth TV.

Along with all the improvements made to the Panasonic Smart TVs broadcasting, downloading, and streaming capabilities, the Panasonic Smart TV maintains its clear picture quality. With a range of high definition plasma screen televisions, almost all of which are Energy Star Qualified, Panasonic has not sacrificed quality of picture for newer Internet-based enhancements.

Moving hand in hand with the introduction of its new 1.4 GHz dual-core Smart TV chip, the Panasonic Smart TV continues to improve picture quality, offering an ever-expanding line of 3D TV capable sets too.

Panasonic Social TV Features

Social TV continues its inexorable rise to prominence as a standard for of entertainment, and Panasonic aim to keep up with developments with the release of a new Social TV feature, known as Split Screen. With good performance guaranteed by Panasonic's high performance chips, this feature allows you to watch ordinary TV programming while launching Skype at the same time to hold a video call to friends or family.

The Flagship Models Of 2012 - Panasonic TC-P55VT50 + TC-P65VT50

2011 saw a battle for the mantle of best Smart TV between the Samsung D8000 and the Panasonic VT30. The last named is widely recognised as the best plasma set ever built by Panasonic, but this year might well see these new models from the VT50 plasma series take over.

Our analysis kicks off with the screen sizes. Two of them - the TC-P55VT50 at 55 inches and the TC-P65VT50 at 65 inches. In the looks department the VT50 models sport a silver streamlined bezel that contributes to the overall "one-sheet-of-glass" appearance. Both come with a range of design elements and features including:

The Panasonic Infinite Black Ultra Panel

2D to 3D Conversion, 3D capable

Access to cloud based apps via the Viera Connect Smart TV portal, and an improved browser

Touch Pad Remote Controller

Built in WiFi - eliminates the need for ethernet cables

Three USB ports and 4 HDMI connection points

Multi-tasking IPTV and Twitter side view functions for simultaneously watching content and using social media applications

Hot News & 2012 Developments

Of course, as with any rapidly growing technology, there is always the risk of new models and new developments quickly outgrowing older models, thus rendering them obsolete.

Panasonic Smart TVs are constantly pushing against the limits and bounds of what a smart TV is and does. In a field of technology that is still young and in its formative years, the changes made through such advancements as Panasonic’s new Smart TV chip, and picture enhancements such as high definition and 3D, are actively shaping where this type of device will go in the future.

New Smart TV Chip

Panasonic's new multi channel connected TV chip - the AMR Uniphier 1 LSI - promises to offer enhanced performance in and lower power consumption in Panasonic models.

Specifically improving the multi-tasking capability - the ability to handle and display different types of content such as standard programming and internet services simultaneously. This is best visualised in the example of using Skype to carry out a video chat call while watching normal TV at the same time.

The chips should be seen in Viera sets around the middle of 2012.

More Info& Valuable Resources

You can find comprehensive details on Panasonic models and the technology behind Panasonic Smart TVs on the official Panasonic webpage covering their current range of released models - including planned 2012 Panasonic Smart TV releases.

There are a number of well written Panasonic Smart TV reviews published at website

Panasonic - Background & History

Founded by Konosuke Matsushita in 1918, Panasonic started life as a business selling duplex lamp sockets. During World War 2 the company expanded and began producing light fixtures, motors, electric irons and other components.

Once the war ended, Panasonic changed tactics and started moving toward selling radios and home appliances, which were much in demand during Japan's post-war boom years.

In 1961, Panasonic made its first appearance in the United States, marking the start of a long run of TV focussed manufacturing activity. The venture proved successful and expansion into the European TV market followed some years later in 1979. This was the move that led to Panasonic achieving status as the high quality television manufacturer they've become today. One of the first off the block with 3D TV, Panasonic are right in the forefront of Smart TV development too.

Today, Panasonic are well known for their high quality ranges of plasma TVs, with the Panasonic 3D TV technology employed in the VT25 series consistently getting good reviews.


Panasonic are a widely  respected manufacturer with a long history of creating powerful, high-quality consumer electronics. Now that Smart TV is making its way into the home, we can expect the same innovations, quality and powerful performance from Panasonic Smart TV models for many years to come.

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