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Online Chat Services & How to Use Them

There are many different chat services available for both personal and professional use. When chatting at work it is nice to be able to get information without having to interrupt the other person, if someone is on the phone you can still chat online and get the answers you seek. Chatting also allows you to speak with people long distance and even overseas without experiencing additional fees for a long distance phone call.

Personal Use

You can stay in contact no matter where you are. Chat services give you the opportunity to keep in touch when you are at work without interrupting your work flow. Even when you are. Inverting with others or working on a project you can hat with others. You can multitask by talking with multiple friends and family members at the same time. This can make planning events easier and you can get instant answers to availability. Single word answers donít warrant a conversation and when you make a phone call you feel obligated to make chit-chat, chat services help you save time.

Business Use

By signing into a single chat service you can have all employees logged in during business hours which gives you access to everyone. If people are in meetings or unavailable they can change their status so you know if they are busy. You can let people know who is on the phone without having to use the intercom. It is a high tech way to pass notes during class. Another advantage of a chat service is the fact that you have a transcript of what happened during the conversation. If you forget something or if a list of tasks is presented you have a way to print it out.

Chat Services Available Via Your Smart TV

Skype is one of the most popular international services. You can chat via typing, just voice or voice and video. It is a perfect free way to make international calls from your computer. AOL still runs "chat" which was one of the first widely used chat services. Yahoo and Google both offer chat with the same handle as your email. These chat services send you a message if you miss a chat and you an set them up to Automatically sign in when you login to your email.

The Future of Smart TV Chat Services

As people continue communicating via text more often, chatting will likely practically replace phone calls. It is so easy to pass quick information. While you will want to pick up the phone it will be for longer, more intense conversations while you will use chat service to pass facts and notes quickly and easily. Everything from planning to timing to note taking can all be handled on chat, making Smart TV chat services the wave of the future.

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