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Nyxio Viosphere Smart TV Reviews - Buyer Comments - Specifications - Pricing
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Introduction To The Nyxio Viosphere Smart TVs

Features & Benefits

Revealing The Nyxio Smart TV Range

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Introducing The Nyxio Viosphere Smart TV

Fairly new in the list of major maunfacturers, Nyxio have quickly gained an enviable reputation. Since inception in 2007 they've focussed on manufacturing  high quality TVs and cemented their position in the consumer electronics industry.

In a technological realm as young as that of the smart TV, there is much room for growth, and Nyxio Smart TV models are leading the way in expanding the definition and possibilities that those smart TVs offer.

Nyxio's flagship Smart TV  - known as the VioSphere - earns the mantle of being the sole integrated flat screen TV and full PC available on the shelves today. Nyxio had the foresight to go down the internet TV route a few years before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon and that's resulted in a model that is one of the most advanced available.

Features & Benefits

Let's take a look at what Nyxio's Viosphere has to offer:

1. Full PC Integration. Nyxio Smart TV models were the first to feature a fully integrated television and personal computer system. Most notably, the VioSphere joins together HDTV technology, all the capabilities of a personal computer, and a full-sized media center. The television is essentially a giant touch screen device allowing users to access the Internet, download and stream media, watch television or DVDs, and even communicate via the Internet through use of its built-in webcam.

2. The Specifications. Looking at the specifications of Nyxio Smart TVs reveals just how much these devices are capable of. The LCD touchscreens come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 22 to 65 inches. They feature a built-in DVD player/burner, webcam, microphone and sound system, and are fully Bluetooth compatible. Currently operating on the Windows 7 platform, Nyxio Smart TVs include 320 GB of hard drive memory space.

3. Split Screen. An interesting and very useful feature of Nyxio Smart TVs is the split screen function, which allows users to simultaneously browse the web on one half of the screen while the other displays a television show or some other type of media. The split screen function is just one of the many attributes of Nyxio Smart TVs that allow users to pretty much do it all with a single device.

4. Video Conferencing. Drawing upon its built-in webcam and speaker/microphone system, the Nyxio Smart TV moves beyond the world of private and home use and into the professional world through its video conferencing capabilities. Now, businesspeople and corporations can utilize this device to store and access media, presentations, and to conduct business meetings and conferences remotely via video conferencing.

5. Future Potential. Having already introduced such a user-friendly device with a broad range of features and uses, Nyxio Smart TVs have greatly opened the door of possibilities for smart TV capabilities in the future.

Specifications at a glance include:

32, 42, 55 and 65 LCD 1920 x 1080 display screens
Touch screen (also available in non-touch screen)
Built-in DVD player andburner
11 mega pixel embedded Webcam
Embedded codec, microphone and sound system
Bluetooth multimedia keyboard with trackball
Multiple inputs including : HDMI, HSB, VGA, AV1, AV2, YpbPr1, YPbPr2, S-Video, Audio In, Tuner, VGA, SCART


The Nyxio VioSphere comes with an impressive set of features including built-in DVD player and burner, wireless keyboard, Bluetooth, WiFi and webcam. The touchscreen offers easy to use ways to navigate through a wide number of apps, with split screen capability solving the problem of simultaneous viewing and social or web interaction. All in all that's an impressive feature set.

For anybody interested in smart TVs and the development of technological devices working to integrate different types of personal technology, Nyxio Smart TV models should rank highly. They are effective, user-friendly, and highly capable, allowing users to store, access, and use a variety of media while also tapping into online apps and functions.

Combining a full range of built-in features and hardware with unprecedented media viewing and Internet browsing capabilities, Nyxio Smart TVs represent the cutting edge of smart TV innovation.

If Nyxio models don't grab your interest you can get more info on alternatives on the Smart TV reviews page here on SmartTV101.com.

You can read more about the Nyxio VioSphere on Nyxio's official company website
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