Motion Tracking In Smart TVs Becoming A Reality

Smart TVs are getting smarter. They're already delivering internet access, interactive TV,  and other desirable social TV features. Now you can add motion tracking capability to the ever growing list. These advances in Smart TV technology are taking watching television and simultaneously interacting with the content to an entirely new level.

InvenSense is the leading provider for motion tracking in Smart TV models and other consumer electronic devices. They have created a number of different chips that will allow applications to calibrate to the television in order to identify and integrate motion-based activities into the act of watching a television.

Programs such as Xboxís Kinect have already used motion tracking devices to help the user stand in front of the television and interact with the software. Now that motion tracking in Smart TVs is becoming a reality, itís making it possible for a user to change a channel simply by making a gesture instead of relying on the remote to do everything.

The general consensus with motion tracking in smart TVs is that it will provide a better digital performance for the user, which is you. The market demand for the product is already high because of the success of Kinect and even motion-based remotes that have made changing channels and playing games that much more interactive.

Motion tracking in smart TVs is still being developed because itís focussing on accuracy as well as fusing the sensor outputs so that a user gains the best possible user experience from it. By integrating the chip directly into the television instead of a remote, remote controls will last longer and it may no longer be necessary to use a gaming platform to connect to the television.

Smart TVs have already surfaced, showing that they can connect to the internet for web-based viewing and even connect to the internet for web browsing. Itís possible to download digital content and watch movies from Netflix and Blockbuster. With motion tracking in smart TVs, it may be possible to play games using this built in motion sensory tool without connecting an Xbox or anything else to the computer, which will make playing games a lot more affordable and a lot more universal.

Many products are already presenting the desire to have the motion tracking devices and itís becoming a challenge for all of the top manufacturers to be the first one to present a product that features the capabilities. While motion tracking in smart TVs isnít available at time of writing, itís just a matter of months before a model does become available. It will eliminate the need for external sensors and reduce costs of aftermarket products significantly. So the question will simply become who comes out with it first.

Among the major Smart TV manufacturers, LG may well be first off the block.

If motion tracking grabs you as a great innovation, you'll want to keep an eye open for any new Smart TVs that incorporate it as a feature. The best way to do that is to keep an eye open for new Smart TV reviews.

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