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Logitech Smart TV Box: The Revue

It would be nice to not have to stare at a tiny computer screen, and streamlining TV, movies, apps, and web surfing would add a great deal of convenience.  That is why Logitech developed their new smart TV box called the Revue.  The Revue is also powered by Google TV, bringing all the functionality of the Chrome browser directly into your living room.  There’s not a whole lot that the new Logitech TV Box cannot do.  For instance, you would never have thought to video chat on your HDTV in the living room, but with your new Revue, it suddenly becomes a possibility.

Benefits & Features

Logitech's TV Box is essentially trimming the fat on your daily entertainment, and even work, needs.  In essence, you no longer have to go to your laptop or desktop computer to watch YouTube, Netflix, surf the web, and even video chat.  The Revue is a box that links to your TV through its HDMI port, and is connected to your Internet through your wireless router.  You won’t have to worry about cables and cords, updating and syncing libraries, all you have to do is plug and play.

Logitech Smart TV is revolutionizing the way people view their entertainment.  For years, there has been a rather large disconnect between movies on the computer and Internet, and movies that are watched on the living room TV.  This removes that disconnect, allowing you to play your Netflix movies on your HDTV, without having to deal with connectivity problems, downloading for hours, and trying to fumble with wires and cords.  We have seen raving product reviews from this feature.

Also, utilizing Google TV’s features, Google Chrome was designed for viewing through an HDTV.  This will enable the user to surf the web right from the living room couch.

Last, the Logitech Smart TV option will allow the user to use video chat.  The only extra device that you will need is to buy their TV mounted webcam.  After that, there’s nothing else to worry about, but simply enjoying the convenience and capabilities of your new Revue.

Where Can I Get A Logitech TV Box?

The Logitech Revue  can be found at just about any electronics store from RadioShack to BestBuy.  It is available for about $99 just about everywhere you go.  You can also get a keyboard to accompany the package, which may double the cost, but also this will allow you to more efficiently utilize the power of Google Chrome.

Any Future Developments?

That is one giant question mark.  Logitech always seems to be coming out with new products, and it does seem as if Smart TV tech is not going anywhere.  Considering that many of their competitors are really developing the technology, I don’t think the Revue is going anywhere.  If anything, the Logitech Revue will see some future improvements. Smart TV will only advance.  It is not inconceivable to look ahead and see even more of a mesh between the living room TV and the office desktop.  Those lines are getting blurrier by the day.

Logitech Internet TV Box
This video gives a valuable unboxing guide showing what a Google TV Revue Box looks like and how to set one up.