Introducing The LG Smart TV Range

As you might expect, LG have a number of high quality Smart TVs in their portfolio. They've already broken new ground by releasing the highly successful Cinema 3D TV range in 2011, the first 3D TV range to work with passive 3D technology. If you're the lucky owner of one of those, you already know how clever LG are at making great TVs. If you're looking at an LG set for the first time, then the LG Smart TV models are an excellent place to start, and they won't look out of place on any best Smart TV list.

So What's Smart TV All About?

If you haven't come across the term Smart TV before, you're going to find it's a huge subject. But as a summary, Smart TVs use your home broadband connection to deliver web content to your TV display. That content might be anything from streaming Netflix videos to music downloads from Pandora, and pretty much everything in between. Take a look at the SmartTV101.com home page for more detailed info.

Although there is overlap, each manufacturer offers a unique bundle of free or paid services, including streaming video and music, social networking apps, online photo galleries, news and financial updates, weather info, sports scores, and a variety of other smartphone-like applications.

Manufacturers continue to add new content to their offerings, keeping customers current through firmware updates, and making a bit of research a prudent step in your buying decision. Reading a bundle of Smart TV reviews will help in this respect, and you'll find that LG Smart TV models are consistently highly regarded.

What Do LG Smart TVs Give You?

Equipped with unique technology and Internet capabilities, the LG smart TV will deliver a breath-taking movie experience every movie night and go well beyond this to do a few more tricks.

The LG Smart TV welcomes its viewers with a vibrant Home Dashboard and makes operation fast and easy via the Magic Motion Remote Control. From the home dashboard, you can browse the entertainment options available. It's designed to make choosing and activation easy, customers will have no problem finding the app or site they desire.

The LG Smart TV magic remote ensures that you will not miss anything on the screen while you operate the buttons. In fact, LG has simplified the remote control so much so that there are very few buttons left. Viewers need simply wave the remote to activate it and use the straightforward buttons to navigate through the options. The remote is also capable of dragging and dropping to further simplify operation.

One of the LG Smart TV’s features, the Smart Share enables customers to access media from other electronic devices including computers, smartphones, USB, and external hard drive. Wirelessly stream content so that you can really view media on your big beautiful LG plasma. This also allows you to easily share your media files with others.

With a smart TV you can access the Internet via a web browser to do anything from update your Facebook status to order on-demand videos. When combined with external compatible devices like game consoles (such as the Xbox Kinect or the Wii) or Blu-Ray players, the LG Smart TV is capable of even more. With the help of these devices you have access to additional videos, pictures, and more.

You will also have access to a great many custom made LG apps. These include games, movie apps, and even Major Sports Leagues apps. The family can enjoy lifestyle, fitness, and education apps as well. Pull up the QWERTY keyboard to surf the Internet and read news reviews or anything else you wish. Best of all, the LG Smart TV will present it to you in vibrant colors, high definition, and a big-as-life visual impact.

More About LG Electronics

LG Corp was originally formed by Koo In-Hwoi in 1947 and initially named Lak-Hui Chemical Industry. The company was based in South Korea and was the first company in the country to begin manufacturing plastics. The name changed to GoldStar Do, Ltd. GoldStar's first success was in creating and marketing South Korea's first radio in 1959. This success was the first step to GoldStar becoming a key manufacturer in Korea's consumer electronics industry.

Goldstar was eventually transformed in 1995 into LG Electronics Inc., as the consumer electronics division of LG Corp. Since then, LG Corp has grown into South Korea's third largest conglomerate, producing electronics, telecommunications products, and chemicals.

LG Electronics has rapidly become one of the major manufacturers in the global TV industry, certainly the largest in South Korea alone. The LG ranges of 3D and smart TVs are hugely popular, and the company is well positioned to adapt and grow as TV technology breaks new ground.

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The LG 60Z950t Makes A Great Addition To Any Living Room

The LG 60Z950T Smart TV will deliver your content in the highest possible quality. The THX certified 3D display ensures that you are bringing a flawless 3D experience into your home.

Customer reviewing LG products overwhelming preferred the image clarity and features of the LG TV to their competitors. LG offers exquisite color and brightness as well as Full HD 1080p in 2D and 3D, making it an obvious choice for the smart home user. Also included is a wide viewing angle, allowing the same picture to be seen from any seat in the house.

Included with the TV are 3D glasses just like the ones that you find at the theatre, so no batteries are required, and of course, no recharging. Easy to replace these glasses ensure you always have enough for any size of audience.

And 3D isn't just for the newest released films 3D films, LG includes 2D to 3D conversion feature which takes any standard 2D image from classic films to your new favorite TV show and turns it into real life beautiful 3D, right in your home. Old or new, great new picture.

Not only a 3D TV, this is a Smart TVs, also known as Connected TV, and is a televisions that goes beyond just standard programming, and actually connect to the internet. Rather than just watching the delivered content, the TV apps allow users to search the internet for content. Using apps the that have transferred over from the PC and Smartphone world like Netfix, Hulu, and MLB.com allows users have the ability to stay more in touch with the information tailored to their needs.

Smart TVs also have built in apps such as media players that allow for the playing of music from a USB drive or a connoted server right through your entertainment system. They also allow users to access the internet through a built in browser. The crossover of technology into the Smart TV arena allows users to engage with their content in a much broader way than ever before.

Smart TV apps usher in a new era in television by combining existing and useful technologies in an elegant and ingenious way. The once envisioned and now realized possibility of receiving content from PC, Phone, and now TV is a big leap in connectivity technology. While this is still a new area of development, it is growing fast and full of potential. Keep your eyes open for many interesting new ideas in the near future of Smart TV apps.

One of the benefits of this TV is the TruBlack Filter that helps block the annoying glad many TVs get when reflecting light into the room. You don't want to see your own living room in the screen, and you won't, all you'll have is a rich HD image. The LG 60Z950T has won awards for a reason, is a quality HD 3D Smart TV that won't leaving you wanting for more.

Innovations & Features In LG Smart TV Technology

Home Dashboard

You can also download apps and customise the Home Dashboard with the apps of your choice for quick and easy access. Incidentally, a Home Dashboard has been added to the screen to ensure that your navigation through all entertainment options is nothing but a breeze. LG Smart TV also comes with HDMI ports, a headphone port and USB 2.0 ports for better connectivity.

LG's Netcast portal gives access to over 1,200 apps and a range of premium content services. Social networking is not forgotten, with users able to share or like what they're watching. Popular apps include Youtube, BBC iPlayer, AceTrax, Blinkbox, the Cartoon Network, Picasa, HiT Entertainment, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and of course a dedicated 3D channel.

Smart Share Smart TV Portal

The Smart Share allows you to wirelessly access the content in your digital devices, such as digital camera, mobile phone and PC. Then there is a bundle of applications and games that you can access for individual and family entertainment.

The Pen Touch TV

Released in late 2011, LG's Pen Touch TVs include two different plasma display models sized at 50 inches and 60 inches. They replicate the touchscreen display technology seen in ereaders and tablets - each TV coming with a pair of touchscreen stylus pens that let you interact with the display, controlling the TV's operation and other in built software which includes some great family entertainment options.

You can even draw on the TV using the pen, and use it to work on screen with files created originally on a PC. Thogh remember you will need a Windows operated PC or laptop to make full use of the functionality.

The bigger of the two models is also a 3D TV, normally delivered with one pair of active shutter 3D glasses. Pricing for the 60 inch models is just over $2000, smaller displays will set you back around $1000.

The Magic Motion Remote Control

Interacting with the internet on Smart TVs is not always easy. LG have tried to overcome this by developing their Magic Motion remote control that effectively replicates the mouse on a standard PC. Operated by simple gestures and movements - as well as some voice recognition - you're able to drag icons, flick pages, and select what you want to see or do without the use of multiple keys or buttons.

The Magic remote has a centrally positioned which is used to scroll through menu options easily. The ‘Point and Click’ function is used for  pointing at the screen, dragging icons, and making selections in a similar way to the Wii.

LG 2012 Smart TV Developments - Hot News & Future Plans

Google TV

At the CES show in early January 2012 LG announced they intend for at least their TV ranges to be 'smart capable' - and the next iteration of LG Smart TVs will probably be focussed on a Google TV implementation. Not much is known so far, other than we'll be seeing an LG model range with Google TV integrated into the dashboard.

LoveFilm Instant debut on LG Smart TVs

LoveFilm has partnered with LG to bring its video streaming service, LoveFilm Instant, to LG's Smart TV platform. The service is already open to various game consoles, Pcs, laptops, and Blu Rays.

LG's Smart TV platform in the UK has over 250 apps available, and this number will be further enhanced by the addition of LoveFilm's Instant video streaming service. LoveFilm Instant will let LG Smart TV owners watch movies from their launch date via subscription to the service, as well as allowing management of movie rental lists, the ability to rate movies, search movies, and read reviews.

Cloud Gaming On LG Smart TV Models

Cloud gaming is becoming increasingly popular with online gamers, and LG are intending to cater for it with a partnership with the LA based Gaikai gaming. Gakai have built a super fast cloud network to meet the demands for delivering gaming without any additional hardware, and teaming up to put their cloud based services on to LG's 2012 sets is a clever move. LG owners will be able to sign in via their Smart TV and seamlessly enjoy a wide range of video games, including some of the latest releases.

More Info On LG Smart TV Models & Features

The LG.com official site naturally holds a valuable overview of LGs Smart TV models and technology.


With fast, simple access to streaming TV, video, Smart Apps, and web browsing, LG Smart TV models deliver a world of virtually unlimited entertainment straight into your living room. If you are looking at buying a Smart TV, you won't want to leave LG off the comparison list. Future developments and enhancements seem assured, with LG looking to expand on the success of their Cinema 3D models.
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