A Look At The Lenovo Smart TV

If you're manufacturing a Smart TV for the first time, it's always going to be difficult to stand out in a world where the Apple TV and other Smart TVs already have a head start. But Lenovo - primarily known as a computer products manufacturer - have got their first Lenovo Smart TV ready to show they can mix it with the technology giants in the new and evolving smart television arena.

The CES show of 2012 saw the first Lenovo Smart TV model and quickly grabbed the attention of industry insiders. Just imagine being able to watch television and just with your voice being able to change the channels and get information on upcoming programming. This is one of the key facets behind the Lenovo Smart TV.

While there have been heavy rumours for some time that Apple would be releasing a truly Smart model during 2012, Lenovo have apparently beaten them to the punch and with the unveiling of their K91 Smart TV, and they're looking to cash in on the potential early mover advantage.

The set will run on a Qualcomm 8060 dual core processor running at 1.5GHZ with a power integrated Graphical Processing Unit.

What Does The Lenovo K91 Smart TV Do?

The potential opportunities with this Lenovo Smart TV are on a par with other breakthrough developments we've seen from other Smart TV manufacturers. The company says that along with the voice command capabilities, this new television will be equipped with Android 4.0 processing ability which will allow for browsing on the internet and will also deliver high quality gaming directly through the television.

It's believed the voice command functionality will work by speaking commands into the remote control. This seems a good idea, and may have an advantage over any sets where commands are directed at the set itself.

As far as the gaming goes, computer game company Gameloft also announced during the CES 2012 convention that they have developed five HD games that will run on the K91. They added that their developers are working on a laundry list of games that they are looking to release and say that gamers will be very happy with the quality and content of these games. They say that it can be an industry changer as far as video gaming goes.

Lenovo officials state that the companies, such as Gameloft, that help with providing technology to their smart phones and smart tablets will be helping with the development of the Lenovo Smart TV. Those same companies that furnish applications and games for the current line of Lenovo products will be doing the same with the K91.

Lenovo's model will also come with a 5 megapixel camera, plus choice of Wi-Fi or ethernet connectivity for broadband. Bluetooth is included too, complimenting the 8 MB internal storage allowance (expandable by use of removeable SD cards).

On top of that, rumours are that Lenovo may have an extra trick up their sleeves with a potential solution for sharing content between the TV and smartphones, tablet PCs etc

So, with it being apparent that smart technology seems to be the wave of the future, smart televisions are the newest part of this innovative trend. The new Lenovo Smart TV, the K91, can revel in the fact that they are one of the first of this new technology.

Which Models Will Be Available?

Aside from Smart TV capabilities, the two models sized at 42 inches and 55 inches will also be 3D capable.

When & Where Will The Lenovo Smart TV Be Released?

Release dates are currently unknown, but it seems likely that first releases will be in China. The rest of the world seems sure to follow. If you can't wait for Lenovo models to be released and want to look into buying a Smart TV right now then make sure you take some time to read through some reviews to get the best Smart TV model for your money.
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