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Revealing The Insignia Smart TV Range

The Insignia Smart TV: Pick Your Poison

If you are interested in buying an Insignia Smart TV, then you may want to pay attention.  Finding an all-in-one inclusive package for a TV is getting easier and easier these days.  Remember back in the good olí days when you had to surf the web on your desktop computer and watch TV shows and movies on your living room screen?  Well, those days are apparently drawing to somewhat of an end, as the lines between the desktop and the HDTV blend into a hazy mesh with the introduction of fully fledged Smart TVs.

Overall, Bestbuy's Insignia Smart TV aims to be on the leading edge of the Smart TV movement.  The only question is, will it be well received by consumers like you and me?

There's a lot of competition of course. Smart TVs are growing in popularity daily, and the other Smart TV manufacturers have some outstanding models on the market. Any study of Smart TV reviews will show just how well received many of the competitions models are.

How Does Insignia Smart TV Fit In To The Picture?

It doesnít take a rocket scientist to figure out that people want to watch movies on their TVís and surf Facebook on their laptops.  So why has a service like Netflix only been available on the Internet, exactly where the traditional TV cannot go? 

The Insignia Smart TV is designed to capture access to all of these types of service and combine that access  into one homogenous unit.

Benefits & Features Of The Insignia Ranges

With this particular Smart TV, you cannot only access your Netflix account to watch movies (which is as it should be), but you can also access your Facebook account, YouTube, etc.  Insignia models come loaded with apps that enable your access to these destinations, and many more are available from Insignia app stores.  You donít even have to get up and walk to your computer; you only have to toggle the menu until you find the app that you want on the TV screen.  Essentially, depending on how many apps you have, there is not a whole lot that you wonít be able to do with your Insignia Smart TV.

The nice thing about the Insignia Smart TV is that it is an all-inclusive system.  You donít have to pay for the apps that you donít use.  For instance, if you donít use Facebook, but you have a Netflix account, then you can save money on that particular app. 

The hallmark aspect of the Insignia Smart TV, which is the same as all other Smart TVís, you can access the Internet through the TV.  Depending on the app, you can even surf the web, given that you have the right browser.  The connection for the TV is obtained through your wireless router or an Ethernet cable.

Where Can I Buy?

The Insignia connected TVs may be a little bit difficult to find other than, say, at BestBuy or Sears.  If the store you are looking in doesnít have the model you want, they will easily be able to order it in.  The TV goes for $549 on the BestBuy website, which just so happens to be a stellar price.  Almost all of the reviews for this unit have been raving about its convenience and the abundance of the app possibilities.


If you are looking to buy a Smart TV in 2012, Insignia is definitely a brand worth considering. Whether Insignia can slug it out and come out on top of a best Smart TV ratings table is another question.

There's a lot of high quality competition for the honour of being labelled the best.

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