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Understanding Google TV Technology

It’s little wonder that Google has taken a leap out into the TV world with their latest creation, Google TV. Google is all the rage in technology these days with their Internet presence reaching phenomenal levels. The official Google TV technology is genius in that it allows you to integrate Google Android, Google’s latest in operating systems, and the Google Chrome browser.

This powerful combination transforms your 'lowly' home TV into a smart Google TV and lets you experience the Internet to your full advantage. All while saving energy and space in your home. And you’ll be the envy of your social network friends as you surf the Internet and the television using one controller--your smartphone!

Where can I get Google TV?

Google TV has recently been thrown into the mainstream with new options to buy Smart TVs manufactured by such big names as Logitech and Sony.

Using a set-top box featuring the Google Android operating system, you are able to transform your television with the touch of a button into a streaming movie player where you can watch video and music on demand. Use the ThinkFree Office viewer so you can access your office or school related documents on your 60” flat screen. Now you’ll never be able to say that you can’t see the small type on your Smart phone or laptop screen ever again! Just like a computer, Google TV features a keyboard interface so you can type directly into your television set, with no need for separate devices.

You can use the Google Android operating system in conjunction with your existing Blu-Ray Disc players. In fact, any of the Sony Blu-Ray players automatically have the latest technology using the official Google Android OS. In the future, there are plans to provide Google TV via Dish Network, one of the major satellite television servers in the US.

Why do I need to have Google TV?

Google has several products on the market including Google Reader, Google Analytics, Google Maps, and of course, the Google search engine. Now you’ll be able to access all of these features as you watch movies or television programs via your TV.

You can pull up your Netflix account and watch streaming video without the use of an additonal set-top box. Listen to music via your Pandora or Grooveshark accounts through the surround sound of your television stereo system. Watch videos from YouTube or live TV, or pull up the latest movies from HBO GO. All using Google TV technology.

For 2012, Google plans to fully incorporate smartphones, including Apple and Android models, with the Google TV technology, giving true converged TV.

There are plans to be able to use your smartphone as a remote control for your Google TV. You’ll be able to use voice recognition to search for television programs and for Internet searches on your Google Android TV system using your smartphone, as well as download apps for your television via your Android phone.

Other changes in 2012 include plans to discontinue the Logitech Revue set-top box. However, LG, Vizio, and Panasonic have made announcements of their plans to incorporate Google Android technology into their new Smart TV models.

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