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Converged TV and Its Applications

Todayís televisions are a million light years away from the original black and white models. Breakthrough advances over the last few years have thrown Smart TVs and 3D TV models into the headlights. Now converged TV is taking television to a whole new level of performance.

The technology of today is flooded with devices meant to be smarter and more capable, such as smart phones, eReaders, and tablets. In order to combine all of these technologies with television, welcome to the innovation of converged TV. Imagine combining the smart thinking technology of your computer and smart phone with the entertainment access of your television. Now you can thanks to the emergence of converged TV technology!

Why is converged TV important?

Converged TV is found under a number of platforms that are also known as Smart TVs. The key to converging TV with other smart devices is the social dynamic. People want to interact with others within their television community, just as they do with social media sites, such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. The need to establish open communication with other people via a television is essential in order for television to continue to provide quality service.

As more and more people watch television programs, stream movies, and access popular home-created videos via the Internet, they are less likely to watch television programing. In the near future, you can expect to find most television series companies including Sony, Panasonic, VIZIO, Phillip, and LG taking full advantage of converged TV platforms. For you, this is wonderful! You will be able to afford the latest convergence innovations without shelling out a lot of money. This technology will eventually become as commonplace as commercials were in the Ď80s.

How can I benefit from converged TV technology?

Imagine being able to chat online with others as you are watching shows. What if you were able to participate in TV shows from your home? Instead of sifting through dozens of daily stories on various news media websites, what about receiving the latest news based on your interests? This can all be accomplished thanks to converged TV. Internet programs including Skype, Hulu, and Netflix have an added advantage and market by cutting out the need for multiple set-boxes and devices when you use a converged TV platform. Everything you can do with a smart phone, tablet, eReader, and mp3 player can be accomplished from your television set!

However, at the level of use that smart devices are today, donít be so ready to completely disregard all of the smart gadgets from cell phones to tablets in order to depend solely on your television set. The functionality of each gadget is essential, such as using a cell phone for making calls and typing out documents on a PC. Yet you can already see how these smart devices can complement each other. Rather than trying to replace all of your devices with a converged TV, you can expect to use the existing elements, such as Smart TV and social connectivity, to make your television viewing experience optimal.

However, converged TV is only just getting established, so expect a bright future from this format of entertainment.

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