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Introduction To Cloud Gaming

Aren’t you fed up of sitting in your living room, simply tired of the fact that every time you want a new game you either have to buy it at the store or take all afternoon downloading it?  Also, you’re almost forced to have all kinds of consoles, just so you can experience the different types of games that you love. 

Well, there is actually a way that you can eliminate all these problems - and it's called Cloud Gaming.

What Is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud Gaming is a fairly new type of service for avid game players, where the gamer connects to a main server through his or her Internet connection.  Essentially, all the user needs to do is buy the subscription to the Cloud Gaming website.  The user can then connect to the servers through a console with an Internet connection, or a Mac or PC, and instantly start playing the games.  There will always be access to those games, as there is no need for any kind of CD’s or other hardware.  The user now has near unlimited access to all the games he or she wants.

The Advantages Of Cloud Gaming

The beauty of Cloud Gaming is the fact that you can access your “cloud” from anywhere in the world with a moderately strong broadband connection.  Whether you are in your living room or at coffee shop, as long as you have something around as strong as a minimum DSL connection, you can play the games you love.

In addition to that, you can play any game you want, as long as it is available in the cloud.  Cloud gaming means that you can simply access the game, whether you have a Mac, PC, Xbox, etc.  It simply does not matter.  Also, since you are directly accessing the company’s server, you will never have to worry about a shaky connection.

With lightening speed, total game availability, and the capacity to save you money through eliminating your need to buy other consoles, this is a great way to go.

Cloud Gaming Subscription Services - Where To Play

About the only practical place to subscribe to cloud gaming is online.  A simple search engine inquiry will reveal several firms that have cloud gaming capacities.  Either they are game selling companies (that will send you the actual game if you buy it) and they also have a cloud gaming option, or they are a “cloud gaming only” service.

You don’t necessarily have to pay for the service itself, but there is a one-time fee for the game itself.  You will also need to buy one of their controller systems, through a USB or a TV input, but this cost is minimal.

There are several major companies, such as OneLive, Gaikai, and even Sega.  Cloud Gaming is quickly becoming the future for the gaming industry, and major gamer companies are already adapting for the next phase.

What's Coming - The Future of Cloud Gaming

Simply put, buying and selling games on a disk is quickly growing obsolete.  Many industry experts now believe the future of gaming will come in the form of Cloud Gaming platforms.  The fact is that it is fast, simple, and it doesn’t require the user to buy new hardware.  It opens up the capacities to the entire gaming world, instead of confining the user to his or her console. 

When combined with the social and interactive capabilities of Smart TVs we may well see gaming in the cloud take off exponentially. Smart TVs open up all kinds of possibilities for playing gamers in a different way, and anyone keen to stay on top of the technology curve would be well advised to take a look at some Smart TV reviews to see what's on offer.

There's little doubt that cloud gaming and Smart TV combined has a bright future as a sought after entertainment experience. 

Cloud Gaming: The Gamer’s Revolution