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Saving Time With Catch Up TV

By using the “watch live” button on channels such as ESPN, you can still see the game in real time and catch up  just by logging in. You are no longer limited to watching the same commercial breaks. When there is a stop in action the screen just goes quiet allowing you to leave the room and come back when you hear the show back on. If you are watching regular full episodes, you will be subject to fewer, shorter commercial breaks, making an hour long viewing only take 45 minutes. This shaves valuable time off your limited viewing times.

How to Watch Catch Up TV

You can view full episodes directly from the network websites within the first few weeks of them airing. If you miss that opportunity, you can buy the shows via apps like iTunes, Vudu or from other movie apps providers or stores. Often you can purchase whole seasons of a particular show or just one or two episodes. It all depends on what you like to do.

When you've purchased the TV shows of course you can watch them any time even when you are on planes or are otherwise away from a WiFi connection as the full episodes are stored on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The Future of Catchup TV

As people become more and more used to using the computer to catch up missed TV shows, it will probably become the preferred delivery method for many reasons.

As long as full episodes can be streamed over the web, it will help to cut out the middleman, making the need for laying expensive television cable more and more obsolete. In addition, everyone will begin freeing themselves from the time table laid out by traditional TV schedules. This gives the viewer the ability to dictate how and when they watch TV, which results in changes in how the advertising platforms and networks will make their money.

While there will likely always be some version of traditional TV it will become less imperative to have cable or some DirectTV connect. This means it will become even easier to catch up TV from mobile devices as time goes on.

Catch Up TV Services

TVCatchUp.com offers catch up services from over 40 providers. They promise you'll never miss a programme you waned to see again. Free of charge, easy to use, and using optimal streaming TV technology.

WorldTVPC.com is a visually a little cluttered but contains a wealth of info on catch up TV networks and services from around the world.

BBC iPlayer is one of the most popular catch up websites. The BBC's TV programming content is legendary, and their catch up service offers access to thousands of high quality shows and documentaries.

More Info Catch Up TV

Using catch up TV services is simple and straightforward - all of the popular catch up websites are simple to use and have easy to follow instructions on joining and how to get access to missed programmes. So you can get most of what you need to know from any of those popular sites.

However, if you want more detailed info one of the best places to look (for any subject) is the online Wikipedia page. In this case, the Wikipedia page on video on demand has a section on catch up TV.

If that isn't enough take a look at Youtube's collection of catch up TV videos for something a little more visual.

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Catch Up TV - Introduction

In a world where we travel all the time and are not always home, viewing your favourite programmes might pose a problem if you always have to wait until you are home or near your own DVR. Over the last few years that problem has largely been solved thanks to a number of providers setting up catch up TV services.

You can now catch up on missed programmes or live sports games by watching full episodes or matches online. By going to the various catch up TV sites you can watch the current episodes as well as a few previous episodes in order to be up-to-date with all your television shows even when you are not at home. This makes it so much easier to know what is going on without having to confine yourself to watching as the progammes are aired. It also frees up space on your DVR if you are fighting with the rest of the family over what to record.