Where's The Best Place To Buy Smart TV Models?

Whenever you're looking for the best of something to buy, you need to consider what 'best' means to you. Does it mean top of the range? Does it mean best price? How you get it fixed if something goes wrong? Or does it mean best selection or choice?

Quite often it's a balance between all four - with Customer support and knowledge of sales staff thrown in on top - and generally speaking the best balance you're going to get is online. That way you also solve the problem of delivery to your home, though 'real' stores will sometimes deliver as well. Let's look at each one separately.


Online stores don't have the overheads of high street or mall stores, so it's unsurprising that you can get the best prices online.
It does mean shopping around, checking out reviews, and comparing Smart TV offers between different retailers. If you do find that your preferred supplier is slightly more expensive for the model you want, it's worth asking whether they can do a price match. Remember always to take shipping costs and return policies into account.


Unless you're frequenting some sort of high street TV superstore, then the selection online is always going to be best. That selection may not be at any one specific retailer, but spread amongst them all you'll be able to find and buy any Smart TV you can imagine. Good online destinations to start would be Costco, Amazon, and Best Buy for the biggest ranges.


You might think that visiting a bricks and mortar store - and seeing your new TV in real life - will give you a better handle on its quality. While that is true to an extent, remember that environment is an artificial one. The lighting won't be the same as in your home, and TVs will (in some cases) be positioned or configured to show them in the best light. Some may actually be poorly positioned and give untrustworthy results.

The best advice is to do your research online at home. Read up on reviews of Smart TVs and carry out your comparison exercises. Then find a store that has demo models of the ones you're interested in.

The alternative is to buy online before seeing in real life, and as long as your chosen retailer has a 'no questions asked' return policy you can send it back if it doesn't work out in your home as expected.


Virtually every store will offer some form of extended warranty. For a TV, an extended warranty is not necessarily a good idea (unless it's free of course!) Today's sets are generally highly reliable. But if you do want to buy extra peace of mind, all I can advise is to make sure you're not getting stiffed. Check out the cost you can expect before committing, and be armed with advance info by researching average costs beforehand.

It's worth remembering that your credit card may offer an extension of the manufacturers standard warranty as well. Check this out for your particular credit card supplier.
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The Key Online Destinations To Buy A Smart TV .............

Smart TV is hitting the headlines. It's being billed as a 'must have' technology, and assuming the TV manufacturers haven't got it wrong  most of us will soon be looking at the different models on the market and considering when the time will be right to buy a Smart TV.

With each passing month the interest in Smart TVs - or more to the point what they can do for us - is gathering speed. It's almost a foregone conclusion that the explosive take up into our homes will happen, even before the release of potential industry changers such as the Apple TV.

So, the experience of considering whether to buy a Smart TV right now or hang on for further breakthrough developments is something we're all going to face. There's a wide range of choices for where to buy. Amazon is of course a great example, but there are a number of alternatives - each of which will give you access to a range of Smart TV reviews, guides, and deals. Buying online is convenient and often a financially clever move, though unless you're looking at a flagship Smart TV model - where you know you're getting top of the range quality - it's always a good idea to get to see a model in real life before making a purchase. Make sure you take advantage of demos at a local store.

On this page we'll be looking specifically at the places to buy a Smart TV, but if you're not quite ready to buy yet you can jump to the Smart TV buying guide to get some in depth info on what to look for, plus the features and technology you'll need to think about.

Options for where to buy vary of course from region to region. Let's kick off first with where to buy a Smart TV in the US. Click on the other regions for the shopping destinations for your locality.

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US Buyers
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Getting A Smart TV Bargain

There are a couple of tried and trusted methods of picking up bargains when buying electrical products. Anyone wanting to buy a Smart TV for a good price can't do much wrong than look into these options. Be careful though that prices haven't dropped on the 'buy it new' websites, and remember to take into account extras such as shipping costs.

Auction Sites

The first is to take a look at auction websites. Ebay is a prime example. Some of the major online electrical retailers and superstores do sell Smart TVs via Ebay. For UK buyers, Tesco is an example. They'll list their clearance bargains in their own Ebay clearance store.

Ebay does often list a range of Smart Tvs, though you'll find many are offered at a 'buy it now' fixed price rather than an auction price.

Other major retailers may have their own dedicated websites for clearance, refurbished, and returned items. It's buyer beware with these of course, but often returned or refurbished TVs may be as a result of being an unwanted gift, or a cosmetic damage issue, or simply a change of mind by the original buyer.

End Of Line Sales

It's worth looking out for the arrival of new models. Quite often this results in stores selling their older versions at reduced prices, either because they know that the newer model is going to be more desirable, or that they need to make space for it. New releases regularly mean reduced prices for existing TVs.

Buying Video Guide

This Bestbuy video gives a superb introduction to that will help with some of the considerations you'll need to make searching for a Smart TV to buy.
Sears - The well known US department chain has a wide range of Smart TVs to buy at competitive prices

Best Buy - Excellent shopping site - appears to have a strong focus on marketing Samsung Smart Tvs. 

Sony Stores - Sony's own online shopping site. Wonderful website with the full range of Sony products

QVC - the online shopping channel holds a wide range of Smart TV models

Abes Of Maine - Excellent search feature - by use, size, price, user type. A cool site that you'll like.

Newegg - Handful of models at reduced prices

Buydig - The cut price digital superstore

Buy.com - Huge range, great slection,  and good prices
Canada Smart TV Buyers
Australia Buyers
MyShopping.com.au   Wide range of Smart TVs, compare prices on Smart TVs from up to 17 stores

Comparison.com.au Smart TVs - Billed as Australia's premier shopping comparison site

















Amazon need very little introduction - jump straight to the promoted deals section. Free shipping on a lot of models. No questions asked return policy - 30 days with no return shipping cost (but always check the fine print, sometimes Amazon themselves are not the actual seller.
Comet - Surprisingly don't appear to have made their Smart TVs easy to search. Useful reviews section however.

Argos - Cut price models from the discount UK high street store

John Lewis - Good range, can be a little more expensive. Excellent, easy to use website.

Currys - Neat selection from the well known UK electronics retailer

Sony Store - Sony's own store. Everything Sony you could want. Lovely site, you'll love it.
Good prices, exemplary service...and plenty of Amazon buyer reviews to help with choices
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More Info & Valuable Resources

The popular UK department store John Lewis have a section on their website dedicated to covering the different areas you need to consider when buying a Smart TV. It covers a wide area of TV buying in general, but is still a useful resource.


There's little doubt that 2012 is going to be a good year to buy a Smart TV. The question is when. Currently there's a lot of choice, most of it good quality. But surely the right course at present is to hold on. By the summer we should know when the Apple TV is going to arrive, and innovations from other manufacturers will have had a chance to get seen, tested and reviewed.

If you have the money and don't mind being in a position in a years time where you might be wishing you'd held on, then go for it now. Equally you might be in a position where you have to get a new TV now. By all means, look at the Smart options. Otherwise, the advice needs to be to hold on for as long as you can. Interesting stuff is coming this way in future. True Smart TV might just change the face of the TV industry forever.

If you've got this far you might also want to take a look at either a more in depth guide to buying Smart Tvs, or if you're already clued up jump straight to the best Smart TV page for a look at some ultra high quality models.