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The Boxee - Home Theater Smart TV In A Box

Smart TVs are all the rage, but if you don't want to go to the cost of buying a smart TV there are other lower cost options. No need to go wading through endless pages of Smart TV reviews trying to find the best model.
For all your home theater needs, one of the best solutions is to buy a Boxee internet box.

This popular product is in effect a tiny computer that can connect to the Internet and download TV shows for you to watch completely legally. The whole process is controlled by an easy to use interface on the screen and some very easy to use and high-tech devices to control what’s going on.

How The Boxee Works

The Boxee connects to your TV and your Internet connection. It uses a combination of web browsers and P2P programs to easily stream or download high definition video to your screen in any format. The software employed to do this has advanced to the stage where most of this process can be done very quickly.

What Are The Benefits Of The Boxee Smart TV Box?

Many people do have superfast Internet connections that have no download limits and they don’t realize the potential they are missing out on. The Boxee is capable of handling vast amounts of streamed TV information in HD 1080p video. Your can get streamed access to favourite movies and TV shows, and access to popular websites such as YouTube or Twitter. There's also an option to get apps to pull content from Netflix, Flickr, Vimeo, and others.

Internet Service Providers actually offer an unlimited or a very high bandwidth usage cap for a relatively low price, while some cable Internet connections are capable of downloading over 200GB per month for as low as $50. This is a good investment if you intend to get the most out of your Boxee.

The other big benefit of the Boxee is that you can get all the latest TV shows and movies as soon as they come out, because many of the TV networks have signed up to distribute their products via Boxee box. No more waiting for torrents or months for a DVD!

Where To Get A Boxee

You can get a Boxee by ordering direct from their website, or from other select online electronics stores. Via the Boxee site it will cost you a one-time fee of about $150 and then you can have access to all the P2P networks from which it can deliver content.

What Are The Boxee Alternatives?

The Roku Player, the Veebeam, and the Youview Box are all similar internet box type devices. You can read more on each product on the dedicated pages to each one here on this site, or jump to the Internet TV Box page for an overview and other links.

Future Boxee Developments

By using motion detection technology, some games and TV developers have already perfected the art of controlling characters on a TV, computer, or games console screen. There's potential for the Boxee to become one of the devices which will lead integrated technology in future.

Added to that, the Boxee Internet Box is highly versatile, and has potential to end up as the one single converged device that is highly portable and can access the Internet, your online gaming networks, the TV and the Boxee’s P2P networks for an all inclusive mass media experience.

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